1. Carmina –

    Thank you for including Superpages in your blog. I work for SP.com and absolutely appreciate it.

    Wanted to shsre with you and your readers something we believe will help local businesses.

    We’ve introduced something new and different for consumers available online on http://www.superpages.com local search site (which has more visitors than espn.com, washingtonpost.com, etc. and, according to comScore is the #1 Internet Yellow Pages) Our free SuperGuarantee program is designed to put a consumer’s mind at ease – – when hiring a contractor, auto mechanic, painter, plumber or another of our service provider clients, we will stand by their work. If something goes wrong, we will step in and try to make it right or, if we can’t, we will give you up to $500.

    We believe, even if you are not a service-provider, all local businesses will benefit from the usage a program like this will bring.

    I’d like to share with you one other program we rolled out specifically for our local clients (local businesses). The SuperTradeExchange (www.supertradeexchange.com) is a national barter program where our clients can provide goods and services to other clients within the exchange, locally and nationally. It is a great way of doing business in a recession as businesses move products and services as they introduce themselves to others who may have not normally done business with them.

    Thank you for the opportunity to post a comment.

    Andrew Shane

  2. Hi Heidi — thanks for posting my piece!