The majority of people have very little knowledge about their ancestry that goes beyond the immediate family. But if they did, they are sure to be surprised. Looking into the history of your family might show some fascinating discoveries and even shift your worldview. However, to enjoy the benefits of a home DNA ancestry testing kit, you’ll need to choose yours very carefully.

Why Using Home DNA Kits to Learn About Your Ancestry Can Be Fun

Today genealogy is one of the most popular hobbies in the country (USA Today ) and it was the appearance of home DNA kits that allowed it to progress so. Not so long ago, DNA tests were only available to select few and people didn’t bother using them for anything but health-related issues.

Home DNA kits made this hobby mainstream because they provided a tool that allows you to learn about your ancestry without spending a fortune. These tests might not be 100% accurate and very detailed, but they sure provide enough information to teach a few important lessons, such as:

Racism is stupid.
America’s history with racism is believed to be one of the factors that made genealogy such a popular hobby. It’s easy to see why if you watch this powerful social ad . To put it simply, all of us have a bit of different nationalities in our blood, so being biased against people based on their nationality is stupid and irrational.

Understand yourself through your ancestry.
Learning more about your ancestors can help you understand yourself better and assist you with finding your own path in life. Remember you should never let any one thing define you.

Potential health risks.
Some home DNA test kits provide information on your predisposition to dangerous diseases. However, the accuracy of these tests is nearly non-existent, so you shouldn’t take the results to heart. However, there is no need to dismiss them outright as well. Consider them carefully and if your family history along with the test says that some diseases do occur more often than not, you should consider making lifestyle changes that will help prevent them.

How to Choose the Best DNA Kit for You

DNA home testing kits are fun and somewhat useful, which are two of the main factors that made their popularity skyrocket. By today, already over 12 million people have used this service and the industry is sure to keep booming, especially as the results grow more accurate with the development of technology.

However, this boom in popularity resulted in dozens of DNA testing companies appearing all over the place. The majority of those are not only useless due to low accuracy and limited databases. They also can be dangerous as they create a risk of identity theft. The biggest companies are Ancestry and My Heritage . These are the names you should be focusing on if you want to play around using DNA home testing kits.

To understand exactly why it’s important to use one of the top tests available you need to know how these tests work. The actual process is rather simple on your end. You swab the inside of your mouth and send the material back to the lab. From now on you only need to wait for your results.

The main difference in DNA home test kits comes from the quality of the company’s database. The quality of equipment used to do the testing is important as well because it’s what maximizes the accuracy of results.

However, the most important thing you need to understand is that these home tests do not really ‘decode’ your genome. They merely run your information through their databases capturing matches to create a rough picture of your ‘ancestral profile’. Therefore, if the database lacks information on some nationality present in your DNA, you won’t see this in the results.

If you consider this information, it becomes obvious that the industry veterans are the ones that rock in this business. They have long history, which means huge databases with information. That’s how these companies can provide you with more accurate results.

Being the most successful also enabled the top DNA home testing kits’ manufacturers to develop a variety of solutions their clients are sure to appreciate. For example…

They also have a family matching service, which can help you connect to any distant family member whom you might discover through the database.

So, choose well and set out on your journey of discovery. Start with your ancestry and dig deep into your routes to learn more about your family and yourself. Remember to take this information with a grain of salt, especially in regards to health advice.


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