Did Someone Say Pamper? by Michelle Sweeney


"Did Someone Say Pamper?"We are all busy people.  If we are not busy looking after our businesses, then we are busy looking after our families.  Trying to strike an even balance between the two is hard enough but more often than not, we are guilty of forgetting ourselves.  We work hard during the day, we tend to the problems that are thrown at us on a daily basis and we fall into bed exhausted, ready to do it all again the next day.

I read endless posts on business forums about our sick households and busy schedules but rarely do I come across a post where someone celebrated the fact that they did something for themselves just because they felt like it.

Now for the simple fact of children in tow or businesses to run – pampering has almost become a bad word in our vocabulary.  It’s as though we must make excuses for why we do something for ourselves.  It just isn’t enough that we did it to make ourselves feel better, more attractive or to just relax.

We are concerned that we have to stay up late and finish the housework or the orders that we didn’t quite complete during the day because we couldn’t fit it all in.  Customer service is important and we are all striving to be number one in our field but customer service for ourselves should also be number one.

Just this week I was reading a post about what our back up plans were if we fell ill.  The response – most people didn’t have one.  If we work hard consistently without taking time out, then unfortunately the inevitable will happen – we will break down.  We are just like cars – keep pushing and pushing and eventually we’ll burn out.  It’s the law of averages.

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