Getting your brand out there to the public is an invaluable aspect of business, no matter what you are providing customers.

But this doesn’t mean that in order to widen your awareness you need to dramatically increase your costs, there are a few cheap and effective ways to do so.

It’s All About Social Media 

In an age where almost every person, pet or business has a social media account, utilising these platforms are not only cheap but very effective in getting people to notice you. 

  • Instagram 

Some businesses are solely on social media, with Instagram revolutionising marketing and the way business is conducted and resulting in businesses being able to limit their outflows. This platform is also known for its heavy use of influencers who take advantage of their large following ad promote brands through pictures, reviews and tutorials. 

  • Facebook

This is another useful platform, especially when wanting to reach a more mature audience as well as young. Facebook is an older social media site and its usership shows this as it is most used by older generations as opposed to younger people. This allows businesses to reach these particular demographics easily without fighting through the sea of millennials who are not their target audience.

  • Twitter

Another big, big social media site for businesses (even massive companies) to interact with their customers. For example, businesses have been able to build brand awareness through retweets when they post comical replies to customers or even to comment on competitors’ tweets, building a more personal repour with them as well as expanding awareness.


This may seem like an out-dated method of building up awareness, but merchandise is a hugely successful way of getting your brand out there and to the right people. 

If you send…

  • Stickers

Sending a sticker with your brand or logo printed onto it is a nice little gift that customers will receive, they could then stick it onto their computer cover, or note pad then expanding awareness by people that the customers works /go to school with or lives with will then see the logo and could have a look for themselves.

  • Free branded tote bags

Again, a little unexpected gift is always appreciated. A bag is especially useful as not only will people directly in contact with the customer see the brand, but anyone that happens to walk past them and see the bag from a distance.

Much like the bag, a badge will be seen by more people as a person will walk around and go about their day without the knowledge that they are promoting the brand. The best example of awareness created by badges would be charities as they sell millions each year and seeing them around encourages people to also wear them.

Plus, who doesn’t like free gifts; encouraging repeat purchasers.