By Kathryne-Alexis Weigand

The memory groove of expectation can be consciously managed and changed when intending to monitor your thoughts and how they feel. Are they positive or negative; new viewpoints or habitual attitudes; chronic judgments of self and others, or conscious and considered objective perceptions that lead to aha!-understandings, peaceful choices, and happy surprises.

We create each step into our future by our thoughts and expectations.

Making a practice of spending 10-20 minutes in “tuning in” to your mind chatter, clearing, focusing and creating your day with a new sense control of how you think and choose to feel will lead to a centered and empowered A momentum of manifestation gathers with each repetitive expectation that joins wishes, intentions and goal setting decrees.

Meditation is a disciplined way to tune in to your expectations and activate your imagination towards what you desire to come into your daily life.

Fill in all the delicious details you choose and invite the universe to add and multiple them with complimentary ones.

Often times there is a push-pull or cancellation effect when the expectations are negative or failure based. Stop them as you recognize them, cancel and rewrite what you have realized is a potential set back and pause a moment to imagine and call in a sense or feeling of the accepted expectation or outcome.

It takes a determination, trust and focus to listen to one’s thoughts and become aware of their impact on your future experiences. You can do it!

Many individuals and businesses still use the flow of the earth energies between new moon and full moon cycles to receive support for their intentions and goals.

Motivational coaches utilize the technique of a 21 –28 day action/affirmation plan to change an old habit into a new and improved one that creates change, you can add the wisdom of syncing up to the moon cycles.

Photinia – Coherent Value, the first Gaia’s Own Nature Essence (garden collection) for the 2009 season was made on the 24th, on April’s New Moon and adds nature’s vibration of coherent value to assist your new practices and choices when used with intention for the new–full moon cycle.

What is coherent value? It is your revelation, recognition, and knowing of the sovereign uniqueness and value of your life’s experience and contribution to life here on earth, and the growth and expansion of your own divinity. Photinia offers an upgrade of the meaning and use of self-value, in every “sense” of the word
Remember Expectation = conscious and considered objective perceptions that lead to aha! -understanding, peaceful choices, and happy surprises.
May you have a magical abundant life of love, abundance, synchronicity and opportunity.
Blessings, Kathryne-Alexis,

Kathryne-Alexis Weigand is the Founder Gaia’s Own Ltd; visit Gaia’s Own at .

This article was first published in WE Magazine for Women Winter/Spring 2010 Issue. Read more here: