by Margaret Ann Lembo

"Cord Cutting: Releasing the Energetic Ties of Your Past "Are you ready to release old patterns?  Do you notice you keep having the same type of relationship issues over and over again? Are your ‘buttons’ easily pushed by friends, family members or even strangers? Is self-sabotage or supposed ‘blocks’ keeping you from happiness, health, and prosperity?

If any of these questions resonate as truth for you then you can make a decision to disconnect the ties that bind you from moving forward with your life. You can make the choice to transform your life for the better. It’s easier than you might initially think.

First, take the time to recognize the patterns you are repeating from your parents or role models that were ‘installed’ into your consciousness when you were a child. You might notice this pattern with romantic partners or with work situations. They appear in all areas of our lives.

Next, once you identify the belief systems and habits that were imposed upon you at a young age during the years of socialization, you can unhook the mechanism because you realize the source of the original hook. It isn’t a negative reflection on anyone from your past. It’s just that now it is time that these patterns are no longer useful or even relevant in your life. The fact is that that was then and this is now. Make your own choice to be happy, healthy, and successful!

The energetic cords are hooked etherically or energetically from you to the person where it originated and vice a versa. The cord goes two ways. There are areas where these cords are mostly likely connected – the head, the solar plexus and the navel area – thoughts/beliefs, self-confidence, and emotional balance. The cords can be anywhere and it isn’t necessary to know the exact location but more importantly that you want to cut the cord.

So often we hold onto negative life events and replay them over and over again so it cements in that negative vibe. In reality, those events no longer exist yet we keep remembering and enforcing the negative long after it has happened. This is a normal human behavior yet it is good for each and every one of us to Let IT GO and move forward. These events of the past may harden our hearts and the ability to engage in healthy and meaningful relationships or perhaps it deters us from have a successful career. However it is negatively impacting our reality, it is time to release the victim vibe and step into your personal power.

It is very empowering to become clear and dissipate the emotional charge and attachments to the past.  These situations no longer exist unless you allow them to perpetuate and reemerge through new relationships.  Remove the expectation you have about others.  Instead of dwelling in the past, consciously or unconsciously, be here in this moment and be free to Move On!


Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Cord Cutting: Releasing the Energetic Ties of the Past CD and  the award winning book Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and StonesColor Your Life with Crystals; The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing.  For additional publications by Margaret Ann go to .