There is no second thought to the fact that women are in no way lesser than their male counterparts. From being a scientist, mathematician, magician, to landing up in a high paying job, women have proved their caliber. However, it has not always been the easiest path for women to enter the world of entrepreneurship and gain financial freedom.  Women have always been discouraged from working outside their homes. As a result, women in India own less than 10% of all the micro-enterprises. The same figure in Indonesia is 25% which is only 14.7 million.

Despite the challenging journey, women have found ways of building micro-businesses to sustain their financial independence by relying on online tools like social media. With the advent of technology, the internet has become an integral part of our life and is providing new growth opportunities to women entrepreneurs to market and sell their products. Indonesian women, in particular, are relying on social media to attract the attention of new customers. 63% of these enterprises are using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for promoting their business.

The power of the internet has made entrepreneurship accessible to millions of women. Last year around 163 million women started their entrepreneurial journey, which increased the rate of entrepreneurship among women by 10%.  Being a women entrepreneur can be extremely rewarding. However, if your business is up and running well, the hard work doesn’t come to an end. Just like any other business, women-owned companies do need to market their products and services among their potential customers strategically.

Cool Marketing Hacks for Women Entrepreneurs

There is no point in having a successful business if no one knows about it. Establishing a business is just the first step. Running a company consistently to generate profits, thus requires the marketing of your products and services. Strategic marketing helps in the growth of the business no matter who owns it. Thus educating the customers, keeping them engaged, and creating a strong reputation for your brand is of prime importance for long-term success. Women too need to market their business. However, a lot of women do not realize that they can advertise the fact that the business is owned and run by a woman.

Here are some cool marketing hacks which women entrepreneurs can use to market their startups and generate leads.

  • Tell your story: To sell your business or say your products and services, you must connect with your customers. One of the best ways to engage with your customers is by telling them your story. Sharing your journey of starting the business will help your customers feel more connected. You can do so by creating your own website, through social media channels, or by using printed materials like perfectly designed brochures and posters. Share insights about your entrepreneurial journey with your potential customers. Make them a part of your growth journey by letting them know how your business has grown so far. Giving insights about your products/services and your business journey can lead them to become your loyal customers.
  • Collaborate with other business women-owners: Remember the famous quote stating “We are in this journey together”? Collaborating and partnering with other women entrepreneurs is yet another cool hack that most of the women-owned businesses can and are using to reach out to new customers.

Joining hands with other women entrepreneurs not only expands your customer base but also helps you in making new friends along the journey.

However, these partnerships should be mutually beneficial for all the parties, allowing them to market their products and services as well. You can start a combined social media event, or can co-host a customer appreciation event. You can also split the advertising expenses by running an integrated ad campaign in a local publication. This will allow you to collaborate with other fellow entrepreneurs and enjoy the benefit of networking.

  • Harness the power of social media: Social media is undoubtedly the best marketing tool for women entrepreneurs. It is not only affordable but also helps in organically reaching the target audience and finding new clients. Social media ad campaigns have a higher reach owing to a large number of active internet users and are less expensive.

Social media can also be effectively used as a branding tool. Consistently sharing content on social media platforms from photos of product offerings to client testimonials helps in building trust and customer loyalty.

Social media, as a marketing tool, offers the following benefits:

  • Continually connecting and engaging with potential customers
  • quickly respond to customer queries which enhances customer service
  • it is an inexpensive advertising platform
  • it can be used to create a brand through sharing photos and videos
  • it helps in gaining a competitive edge by providing relevant customer data
  • and it can be used to network and mentor other women entrepreneurs
  • Create a blog: The other cool way that can be used is to create a blog for your women-owned business. You can use your blog to write and share content that resonates with women who are interested in your products or services. Starting a blog seems easy, but it requires a lot of work in the background. You need to design your blog, brainstorm on post ideas, add relevant graphics, and drive traffic to your blog by promoting it on various platforms. A successful blog will help generate business in the long run.

Final Note

Women entrepreneurs are leaving no stone unturned to promote their business. Hence, strategic marketing is what will help these women-owned businesses reach new heights. There are various tools and techniques women entrepreneurs can use to market their products and services and to build a brand. However, they need to work out which marketing tool works well for them depending on the industry they are in and the client base they are looking forward to serving. Furthermore, chalking out a marketing plan will help grow business by providing a competitive edge.

Korie Cantor is a writer and blogger – connect with her on Twitter @koriecantor


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