by Paula Horlick

What Is A Consignment Shop…….

 “Consignment shop” is an American English term for second-hand stores that offer used goods at a lower cost than new. Many offer new items as well. These items are generally in perfect condition and lightly used without any stains, damages or defects. The clothes will be priced at a fraction of their retail price (usually 1/3 to 1/4 of what they originally sold for).

Our closets are full of items that, for whatever reason, we no longer wear. Maybe we lost weight or bought on impulse a little too often, or perhaps we switched from a dressy professional environment to a casual one. Your quality castoffs can be turned into extra cash. 

The reasons for the surge in popularity for consignment shops in recent years are varied — they range from the bargain aspect to the thrill of the hunt – It may sound chic to call your new secondhand find vintage. Here is how it breaks down.

Vintage – Apparel from past eras — everything from Victorian looks in the 1800s to disco in the 1970s.
Consignment – Usually recent (1-2 years old) apparel in good condition — owners sell clothing through a store, which keeps a percentage of the sale.

Thrift – Term includes storefronts like the Salvation Army and Goodwill, as well as cheap “anything goes” venues such as flea markets.

Resale, Secondhand, Used – Encompasses all of the above.

Some general guidelines you can follow:

Buying consignment fashion

If you’re looking to pump up your wardrobe with designer clothes, consignment is a great, cost-effective way to do it. 

Expect to save about 70% off retail.

The best time to buy current merchandise is halfway through a season; you can find items brought in by style mavens who are already through with them.

The best bargains are usually the most expensive — it’s difficult to get 30-40% off retail for an Armani.
Look for core pieces, such as a Calvin Klein pantsuit, which can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. You can build from there and accessorize.

Enter Recycled Refinery Consignment an online consignment boutique.   I started Recycled Refinery because there are no online consignment shops in my area .  There are a lot of brick and mortar shops in which I worked in one briefly.  The owner asked me if I would be interested in starting an online consignment shop so she could put some of the clothes that didn’t sell in the shop on my website. That got me thinking of a name for my website. Recycled Refinery Consignment.  Lets Get Together And Reuse And Restyle!

I sell anywhere from designer brands to plus size..  Chico’s, Coldwater Creek, Liz Claiborne, handbags and purses, jewelry and vintage.  I offer a flat rate shipping of $6.00 so if you purchase 1 or 100 items it is only $6.00:

About the Author
Paula Horlick is the owner of Recycled Refinery at,  The Online Consignment Boutique Specializing In New To Gently Used Designer Clothing And Accessories.