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Conducting Parent Child Education Via the Internet

Cynthia Wilkinson Partner, Co-Founder, Teacher, Scriptwriter and Marketing in Canton, MI

Chantal Gonzalez and Cynthia Wilkinson were looking for a business that would use their unique talents and still allow them to have fun doing it together while paying for their son’s college. Chantal is a talented computer programmer that has a gift for working with children but also worked in a university setting training adults on how to use a computer. Cynthia is a teacher that loves to see the light bulb come on for her students when they are struck with an idea or finally understand a new concept.  She has worked in a number of classroom situations over the years totaling close to 20 years. Chantal and Cynthia met while working at New Morning School in Plymouth, MI, a parent cooperative. Cynthia taught there using project based learning in a multiage elementary classroom and Chantal assisted in a number of classrooms.

In the spring of 2007 they had an inspiration. Parents were always asking them for suggestions of how to help their child based on what the parents witness them do every day, so why not put together lessons and activities for parents to do with their own children but for a bigger, global community?  They already had a wealth of experience working with children and years of lessons and activities of which to share.  So, after filming their first video for summer learning about a dinosaur dig, in July 2008 Parent Child Education was launched.  

The website hosts videos, activities and a blog that is a /free/ resource for parents and anyone that works with children to guide them through activities that instill learning and problem solving in fun ways. All of the activities have been kid-tested and approved!  They also give parents the opportunity to ask questions and request activities or lessons.  The activities range from activities for the dinosaur dig, complete with activities like making a paper mache dinosaur to over 50 different novel ways to practice spelling words.

Since the site is free to parents, their revenue is generated from donations, advertisements and affiliate links and they hope to line up some sponsors in the near future.  They have also started to offer their own Crazy Lacy that goes with their shoe tying video (two colored shoe laces to help young children learn to tie their shoes) and dinosaur foot print stencils for a Tyrannosaur Rex and a Apatosaurus that are the actual size of the dinosaurs foot!

Parent Child Education has big plans for the future. With the new Race to the Top government incentives aimed at preparing our nation’s children to be competitive in a global marketplace, parents and teachers must work together to make higher expectations attainable for all.  With the help of Parent Child Education, parents will be able to give their children the support and encouragement that they need to achieve their educational potential.

Go to Parent Child Education at http://www.parentchildeducation.com and share it with anyone that works with children and wants to make a positive difference.

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  1. Thank you for featuring us in your magazine.

    When we started this website, our intention was and is to share with parents the things we found that worked with our children as well as others that we have taught.

    We found that if we kept learning fun, then the children would want to learn and they would continue to learn on their own. I can’t tell you how many times that when I was talking with my boys about a subject that they didn’t know fully, one or the other would say “I’ll have to look that up.” Then later he would come back and share more information on the subject. I love when that happens.


  2. Wow – thanks WE for letting our story be told and sharing it with others. We have enjoyed what we are doing and have lots of ideas for the future!

  3. I’ve worked with Cynthia and Chantal and I’m thrilled to see that the Parent Child Education website has taken off. It’s a wonderful resource that can help parents and children everywhere.