Collioure, France

by Wendy VanHatten

Only 15 miles from Spain, Collioure is a mix of French, Spanish, and Catalan. We saw French street signs, yellow and red Catalan flags, and those with a mix of Spanish thrown in.

On the Mediterranean coast of southern France, called the Vermillion Coast, Collioure’s views are just what we had hoped for. Dramatic… picturesque…postcard perfect. All overused words and yet they all fit.

Beaches ranged from pebbly to sandy. All tumbled from the wall-like Pyrenees into the clear water of the Med, with countless hues of blue. We could see why painters have flocked here for centuries, trying to capture some of the essence of this piece of paradise.

Taking time to wander, then sit at one of the many outdoor terraced cafes, we wondered why we hadn’t come here earlier. And…stayed longer.

Our day-long visit was too short.

But there is next time…as soon as we can travel again.