Summer’s end has numerous opportunities to celebrate and certainly,  there are many of them. Whether for a dinner party, an afternoon gathering or a family landmark, garden parties are at the core of many  festivities.  Here are 6 classy cocktail dresses that will bring you to  the forefront of looking sharp and stylish.

1. The Vertical Dress

Choose a salmon, satin dress that will turn heads.  This type of dress usually has a zipper at the back that is designed to mold your figure beautifully.
Even if you thought you didn’t have the figure for this dress, think again. The tailoring on this type of dress is precise, which means that it will shape your curves at the waist then angle downwards at the hips.

Short sleeves with fancy cuffs and a round neckline is all this dress needs to make a fashion statement.  Let the dress flow on your body without any belts or embellishments. Be sure to pick the right size and you’re good to go!

2. Yellow Halter dress


This canary yellow masterpiece holds a classic cut that is very figure flattering. Although the color seems drastic, its pigments are actually
a soft yellow mixture of beige that removes some of the flashiness.  If you’ve never worn yellow thinking it might be too overpowering, this shade may work for you. The lightness brings a calming quality. Moreover, the fabric is a solid satin woven in a thicker weave that holds your torso firmly.

The bodice is held by straps at the back of the neck similar to a halter top allowing the neckline to plunge in a graceful v-shape without revealing unwanted bulk. The seams around the waist are doubled which means more support to slim the waistline. The skirt falls in an a-line shape at the hips and thighs which provides accurate tailoring to proportion your body.You will feel absolutely gorgeous in this design.

3. A-line dress


This dress is a spin-off from the previous dress but with an interesting  twist. The sweetheart bust line is what makes the difference. The double
layers of seams provide a secure feel around the torso while liberating the shoulders. No need for straps for this style. Simply accessorize
with your favorite jewelry.

The bodice accentuates a slim waistline while the skirt drapes into an a-line shape. A flower embellishment is a suitable perk as even pockets
add a personalized touch.

I particularly like this type of tailoring as it enhances the figure effortlessly and aides in shaping your body at the right places. Styling up is the aim of this look, and when all is set and done, fitting into this dress will boost your confidence and image.

4. The Emerald dress

An emerald dress is very enticing.  This dress is elegant while exposing a practical side. It’s the kind of dress that is easy to wear while very
pleasing to the eye. The halter top is well gathered at the neck and shoulders for the right  fit as a layered waistband tucks the mid-section just a little tighter  than the bust area. From this perspective, it enhances a sexier  silhouette while the slim waistline is key to this look. In addition, its overall tailoring is clean with an haute-couture appeal as the seams on the halter top have extra gathering to fit a bustier cup without overindulgence.

The skirt is pleated and sewed within the waist to deliver a circular effect. This dress is designed in a lighter fabric to marinate well with its silky goal of suppling delightful curves to your body shape.

5. Pink Ruffle dress

This dress offers plenty of pizazz. A sweetheart bustier is ideal with  the flamboyancy of the ruffled skirt.  Due that the skirt is flashy, you need to keep the top simple in order to provide a balanced look. The layered seams on the bodice holds the upper frame as it maintains the torso firmly in place.To shape and snap your figure, the skirt remains the creative side of this dress. Layered in vertical leaves used as ruffles, cleverly hides tummy imperfections. The fabric is gorgeous and yields well for a summery giveaway.

Slashed with a black waistband alongside a flower-bow of the same color is one way to personalize this look.As a stylist, I will encourage you to step up your look, to be fresh and bold by trying new tailoring cuts and discover the advantages of transforming yourself into a new person.

6. The one shoulder dress

This dress is an eye-catchy piece suitable for a formal occasion.The bodice is layered and seamed, clutching the upper body in a fitted allure. The one shoulder cut is very appropriate for this classic design as it molds into a feminine façade. Aided by a fabric flowered placed diligently on the one strap entails an upgrade of fanciness and a twist in its demise.

The particularity of this design is the focus on the waistline as it filters smoothly over the hips causing an hourglass effect. This  elongated waist panel, from the torso all the way down to the hips, is ideal for hiding mid-section imperfections. The large pleats on the skirt contours this look appropriately as the seams are tucked within the hip line, probing into a circular swirl that is well patterned for this dress. And make no mistake at the color. The soft lime compliments many complexions. This dress is a great fit that will make you a winner every time you wear it.