Champagne is meant to be enjoyed…with friends, for special occasions, for a Tuesday night. It doesn’t matter.

Recently, I read some tips for enjoying your glass to the fullest.

Keep it at around 50 degrees. Much colder than that and you can’t taste the nuances it offers.
Drink it from a white wine glass, not the typical narrow flutes you think of for champagne. It makes sense. You can’t get your nose into the flute!
This is one tip I tend to disagree with. Don’t pair it with dessert. I happen to like it with my dessert. Up to you.
Savory foods actually pair well with champagne. Everything from spicy food to tasty salads.
Unlike other wines where you swirl and move the wine around in your glass, don’t do this with champagne. Why? You want the effervescence. Those bubbles are there for a reason.

What do you think of these tips? Agee or disagree?