"Woman looking in the Mirror"No matter how many candles we have on our birthday cake….changes are always happening. Whether it is our children growing up, us celebrating another birthday, or caring for a loved one in ways we never expected to; changes are always around us and in motion. How do you roll with the changes that life brings? One of the things that helps is when we can remember to admire the moment and place that we stand right now, changes are easier to handle, even if they are not comfortable…. you are amazing and resilient.

Learning to love the life that you are living right now is the single most important thing that you can do to create your own happiness. Even if you don’t love all the parts of life that you are experiencing, you can focus on what you like about yourself and those around you to create a reprise from your mind… which is constantly telling you that you are not enough or something is wrong. It is the mind’s job to keep you unsettled or you would just drift in life. Life is meant to be lived fully. We are so busy trying to look into the future or lamenting over the past we forget to live now. When it is your time to pass to the next life, you know that you were given the choice to have done all you wanted life or, if you will go out wishing you had done more to create more, to love more. It all starts with your ability to love yourself and your life NOW. After all, there is nothing more important than right now and, it is the only thing that is guaranteed to be real and ours.

One way to live powerfully is to use the Affirmations Mirror and adjust the messages as your needs in life change, your heart grows, or a cosmic 2 by 4 hits us upside the head with the unexpected. It is a powerful way for us to remind ourselves that no matter what the circumstances, we are strong, capable human beings and that this will prepare us for our lives.

Visit: www.affirmationsmirror.com to learn more about Lisa McCarthy, inventor of the Affirmations Mirror – change your future by changing your thoughts today.