"body image"Last year if anyone would have asked me what my most challenging time in my life was, I would not have hesitated in answering “Losing 130 pounds and saving my life as well as my family’s well being!” only because until just 2 weeks ago, my current success I felt was awarded me by accomplishing such a large feat.

My appointment as spokesperson for WPLG’s, “Get Fit Club” is a rewarding and amazing experience.  Given the opportunity to transform the lives of eight lucky people in partnership with Local 10 is the culmination of events I merely dreamt about. Although going from a size 26 to a size 2 gave me the knowledge, tools and inspiration to help others change their lives and achieve a healthy lifestyle, what is taking me to my “next level” in life are the recent events that if occurring at any other time would’ve crippled me.

In December, while on our family’s winter vacation, a skiing accident left me with a torn meniscus and with the fear that without my daily exercise routine, I would be back to 260 pounds in less than a year. With several projects looming large, I knew I had to find a way to stay in shape and rehab my knee. Reverting to what I’ve learned and what I teach my patients, I began utilizing CMWL exceptional products in helping me stay nutritionally balanced while maintaining a low caloric intake.

Knowing my commitment to “Get Fit Club” I worked hard getting my knee in working condition.  Overcoming this permanent knee injury took my fitness regiment to a new level.  Full of pride; I knew I could accomplish anything.

The night before our weight loss challenge was to begin; I was driving to watch my eleven year old daughter play tennis when a texting driver slammed into the left side of my brand new car at 60 mph.   My car was sent into a tailspin tossing me two blocks down the road.  I was trapped inside my mangled car until police and paramedics arrived.  The accident was terrifying and my neck and back pain was immense.  The only thing I could think about was my daughter; I promised to watch her play tennis and drive her home. I thanked God that none of my other 3 children were with me. It was very rare that I traveled alone.

My husband was notified, made arrangements for my daughter’s pick up and met me in the emergency room.  I became frightened when X-ray and CT scans were ordered.  I was trying to sort out the last thirty minutes when it hit me!  I had my entire doctor’s office, 8 contestants and a television crew expecting to meet me the next afternoon.  Four hours later, I was discharged with my injuries. I reached deep down inside to overcome the pain; determined to meet everybody that day. The show must go on.

Our team and contestants were so inspired and motivated by my dedication to the show they decided to put extra effort into the program.  Contestants dropped an amazing 23.5 pounds the first week on the program.  Each person felt great and everyone was surprised they felt no hunger.

Life is full of surprises; even when filming a revolutionary reality show. This is what I know, I have gone “back to basics” on the program that has helped me shed and maintain my weight loss for over 4 years. Even with my meniscus tear, I was able to don my pair of Kangoo Jumps and participate in the Kangoo Bootcamp episode of our series. I felt no discomfort, these boots are AMAZING! I am confident that I will persevere over the obstacles that have been put in front of me. This will only make me stronger so that I can help others in reaching their goals.