Celebrity Chef Adrianne Calvo Stars on Foodable TV's "Food as a Lifestyle"Celebrity Chef Adrianne Calvo takes us behind-the-scenes, as the first chef on Foodable TV’s new reality show “Food as a Lifestyle”. Food is a lifestyle; and hers is orchestrated chaos.

“I walk through the door and I’m usually carrying a million things,” Calvo said. “I immediately go into the kitchen, start turning on all of my equipment, and then we go from there. The magic starts.”

Owner and mastermind of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar in Miami and brainchild of all things Maximum Flavor, Calvo’s culinary creations are a reflection of the talent and devotion necessary to be successful in the restaurant business. Famous for bringing ‘dark dining’ to Miami, this young and edgy chef thrives under pressure and in the kitchen.

“I get to do what I love every day, create dishes that I love,” said Calvo. “I feel like I’m just an artist creating things or a kid in a toy store.”

Throughout the show, viewers watch the life of an award-winning chef and see what it takes to make food your life or better said, make a fabulous life from food. From Paradise Farms to the dining room of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard and Wine Bar, Adrianne takes a strategic approach to menu planning and restaurant operations. Viewers will see her switch from gastronomic artist to cutthroat business woman in one of the world’s most competitive fields.

“Orchestrated chaos. That’s what I call it,” Calvo said.

The first episode demonstrates the importance of detail, showing how fresh herbs and restaurant temperatures come together to kick start a “maximum flavor” dining experience.

“My favorite thing about Chef Adrianne’s is to be able to share so many important milestones in people’s lives,” Calvo said. “To have them walk out of here saying ‘wow that was the most amazing dish’ really puts a stamp on my career. I can’t put it into words, because, it is so gratifying to see people get so excited about food.”

Filming for the show began in October. Be on the lookout for more episodes with Chef Adrianne, coming soon to FoodableTV.com.

About Chef Adrianne Calvo (www.foodabletv.com/food-as-a-lifestyle)
Filled with the love for food at a young age, Adrianne focused her efforts on her one true aspiration: Gourmet cuisine. At age 30, Adrianne has enjoyed an incredible number of accolades during her remarkable journey in becoming an award winning chef. Coining the catch phrase, “Maximum Flavor”, Adrianne has managed to exceed to the “maximum” degree. Owner and operater of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine bar, Adrianne has influenced the culinary community as well as the way people experience fine dining.

Owner and operater of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine bar, Adrianne also has two cookbooks, “Maximum Flavor” and “Driven by Flavor Fueled by Fire”, a weekly TV segment on NBC6’s Live Miami and has participated on Food Network’s original series “Chopped”. In 2013, she was awarded Restaurant of the Year by Miami Magazine People’s Choice Award, Chef of the Year by Cordon D’Or and winning chef for a national culinary competition by Alluette and Il de France. Along with her accolades, Adrianne has been able to give back to the community through her foundation “Make It Count”, collaborating with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. There she has made it a mission to help children suffering from cancer and their families.