"Celebrate the Natural Beauty Within Every Woman "Arielle Giordano

Beholding the bond of love within oneself creates an opportunity for more love and availability to share and give to family and friends.

Today, women live a new and different lifestyle. Women are CEO’s, successful top executives, business entrepreneurs, writers, dancers, painters and artists just to name a few. Although, the world on the surface level has changed and is different, the true essence of a woman remains the same. Her world has shifted on the outside perhaps from childhood, prior experiences, but who a woman is has not changed. Womaness is love, softness, openness; creativity and nurture form the heart space. She nourishes the world around her in many ways in partnership, relationships, career, motherhood, and her life and responsibility.

A woman gives love and nurturing naturally when she is being her real womaness, her feminine essence.

In her natural way of being beautiful, a woman offers her heart as she gives to others. She takes care of her loved ones just as the lioness takes care, protects and nurtures her cubs. Sometimes, in the process of nurturing others, she forgets about herself. As a young girl, I have firsthand experience of this experience, watching my mother grieve my father’s death and putting her four young children first. My mother passed away at a young age of cancer.

Difficulties can arise and perhaps be projected onto relationships, people, cohorts, work, career and so forth, when a woman really needs self-love, nurture, expression and care. I personally have experienced this also, when the world around me seems to be caving in, in one way or another, I know it is time for me to do self- love, nurture and care. I also know that it is time for me to be creative and express myself through the creative arts.

Creativity is one way to fulfill and nurture oneself through creative expression. A woman can move and have fun with creativity through dancing, painting and coloring, molding clay, magazine collages, creative writing and journaling. Creativity not only inspires more creativity and ideas, but can also nurture the need for self –love, fulfillment, expression, emotional release, freedom, conscious awareness, aliveness and being in the moment.

Intimacy of being means really being within you. Going deep within, being quiet within. Be in your heart and just let yourself be with you. Going deep within, allows you to be full present in your body, mind and heart. Thoughts, feelings, ideas, physical sensations may arise, just let yourself be with all of them in the moment. Intimate time with yourself can be listening to music, talking a walk or a bath, doing what you enjoy, engaging in your favorite things with and by yourself. You are giving time for you to be with you in whatever form that has significance and meaning to you!

Love your natural beauty on the inside and the outside of you. Nurture the natural beauty that is unique to you. Every woman has her own natural beauty. Discovering and uncovering the natural beauty within is the first step to acknowledgement. The awareness of one’s natural beauty is the first step. With acknowledgement comes acceptance. A woman needs to accept herself exactly the way she is in body, mind, soul and spirit. A woman can be accepting and loving to herself through admiration of all of her lovely attributes. Admire all the wonderful qualities you possess on the outside and inside of you. Celebrate you’re the beauty and love on your face. Celebrate your body with all the curves or thinness. Enjoy having these natural beautiful qualities and ways of being. Dance in your natural beauty of loveliness, grace and charm as you share and inspire others to dance!

Behold the loveliness and beauty of being a woman!

Write down all of the ways that you will create, be intimate and quiet, and love and nurture you this week! Discover new nurturing ways to share and give love to family and friends.

Arielle Giordano, Masters of Arts, Masters of Education, is a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, facilitator, and published author. She enjoys sharing her gifts and talents with an authentic style rich in grace in dance, psychology, philosophy and the expressive arts. Arielle is a faculty member and form Lead Faculty Area Chairperson for College of Humanities at the University of Phoenix. She inspires students with her profound knowledge of Humanities, Art, Psychology, and Philosophy. She is a published author of several books and magazine articles. Arielle offers seminars and workshops on expressive dance, celebrating creativity, reducing stress, and emotional release. Arielle has been a guest speaker on radio and television, featured in newspapers and magazines across the United States and Canada.Visit dancingfromtheinsideout.com or call 813-545-7173.