Meet Nik Fields, is today’s featured Woman in business during Black History Month.

Historically, the wine industry has ignored the $1.2 trillion in spending power of Black Americans . The wine industry’s “old-fashioned” approach to consumer marketing doesn’t aim to reach drinkers who aren’t White.
Nik Fields, Owner of Chic Chef 77, the First Black-owned wine bar in the state of Arizona, is breaking down barriers in the wine industry and giving Black consumers and wine entrepreneurs and aficionados a seat in the wine cellar.
Fields states “Only 1% of winemakers are African Americans and many of the industry’s cultural gatekeepers don’t appear to recognize the diverse preferences or buying power of the Black market which includes sommeliers, retailers, farmers, and winemakers. We have to reduce the invisibility that overshadows many Black winemakers due to lack of support from the industry, low sales and no exposure.”
Chic Chef 77 will carry the largest selection of Black-owned wine brands in the State including: She Wines, De’ Twah Premium Wines, Generational Wealth Wines and ‘Til the Last Sip along with Black-owned preferred distillery Signature Sipz. Many of these budding brands contacted Chef Nik once they heard the buzz that she was the first Black-owned wine bar in Arizona.

As a result, Chef Nik launched a monthly “Meet the Winemaker series,“ a wine club highlighting diverse winemakers, utilizing her wine bar as a platform to showcase the power of wine and how it transports drinkers to different parts of the world. Wine is a passport to culture, flavors and experiences, and the winemakers can work with Nik to create wine-inspired dinners using flavors that elevate the taste of the wine, assist with pairing to extract the delectable notes and educate the guests on the holistic wine experience.

“A significant shift in the wine industry has to happen and that has to start with me, whether it’s education, exposure or simply purchasing bottles.” Fields says.

Sign up sheet is on the website and wine makers are selected monthly. Winemakers are encouraged to send a sample along with information on their wine. Wines are placed monthly based on the season and the flavor profiles of the wine itself.