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Be Clutter Free Method
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Be Clutter Free Method

by Rosalyn Cherry of Be Clutter Free Rosalyn Cherry has consolidated over 15 years of experience as a professional organizer to create an easy-to-use color-coded step-by-step action plan for letting go of too much. Her method is detailed in be clutter FREE: sorting made simple published this year by White […]

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How to Deal with a Procrastinator in Your Life

Dealing with a Procrastinator by Denise Landers   Do you fit either of these descriptions? • You frequently find yourself procrastinating on important tasks. • You are the take-charge, do-it-now personality and have to live or work with a procrastinator. If you have made some New Year’s resolutions in the […]

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What Is Stopping Me from Being Organized?

By Dr. Sally Witt   Do you feel stuck?  Do you panic at the thought of anyone touching your things?  Do you have piles of paper, and “stuff” that you never touch?  Is the thought of getting things organized putting you into an anxiety attack?  Do people offer to help […]

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Work Less Hours and Increase Your Earnings

In an ideal world, we would dedicate eight hours of our day to work, another eight to enjoy recreational activities and the last eight hours to sleep. The true question is, how many of you live in the ideal world? Instead, in the real world, most people work twelve to […]

Greetings and Salutations
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Greetings and Salutations

With SendOutCards you never have to go to the post office for stamps again, no more looking through racks upon racks of greeting cards, no more licking envelopes and putting stamps on them. With SendOutCards you simply enter the information into the system, choose the card (from more than 13,000) choose whom to send the card to and they do the rest. These cards can even be personalized and can also include your signature and if you really want to get fancy include a picture (or several) of your choosing.

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A Simple Effective Time Management System

By Teresa Morrow of Key Business Partners For most business owners one of the frustrating but so needed things to gain an effective time management system for their business. With any time management system, the goal is to create a sense of organization and price instead of overwhelm and regret. […]