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The Prayer Was Answered!

By Lisa Hein, Speaker & Parenting Author When we have a family, we are so grateful. In the beginning it’s amazing. You now know why you’re alive, you feel content, things just seem to be….blissful. You know that you made the right decision, life is good! Speed up life about […]

Worth Reading Mother Daze… tales from the imperfect playground
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Worth Reading Mother Daze… tales from the imperfect playground

By Christine Carr With three young children and a full time teaching job, what inspired you to write this book? These days, parents are overstressed, kid’s lives are consistently over-scheduled, and as a result parenting has become an increasingly difficult challenge.  It’s work!  I wanted to tell a story that […]

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Woman on a Mission to Help Women and Children Through Divorce

Meet Joanie Winberg CEO/Founder of the non-profit Happy Wednesday Foundation and the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children in Lakeville, MA USA   1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do professionally. Having been a single mom for 14 years, I found it frustrating […]

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It Takes a Village

Or Does it? By Roberta Hart   Witty catch phrases have become the cornerstone for morality in this country, of late. We sling them around  on a nearly daily basis. “It takes a village”, has become the mantra for every underachieving  parent in this country. Its connotation alone denotes apathy […]