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The New Laws of Love

By Seana McGee and Maurice Taylor In our day, a truly successful relationship seems well-nigh miraculous, especially to those of us who fear that we’re condemned to remain forever rudderless when it comes to long-term love. Yet human beings don’t yearn for anything that isn’t possible. As a very wise […]

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Eating Locally, Acting Globally

By Brie Cadman The Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, which takes place every Tuesday along San Francisco’s embarcadero, is not a traditional place to pick up groceries. When my coworker and I visited last week—an unseasonably warm day in late March—vendors from local farms packed the sidewalk while shoppers bustled between […]

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A Healthier Global Working Community of Women!

By Dr. Sally Witt More and more, we are opening ourselves up through Social Networking and Internet Marketing to be an incredibly global community.  We learn about each other’s culture as we work towards making friends, and doing business.  Traditional health information, products, and services are now available on the […]

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24/7: Investing vs. Spending

By Sylvia Hepler Each of us has twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  No more, no less.  Yet some of us accomplish more during this time than others.  Some of us experience greater satisfaction than others.  Some of us are on top of our game.  How can this […]

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Wisdom and Wealth for Extroverts

by Nancy Reeves   In workshop after workshop, people laughed when I said I was studying extrovert spirituality. Someone, from the back of the room, usually called out something like, “Spiritual extroverts? You gotta be kidding! Extroverts are great in business, good at making money, but spiritual? Nope!  They can’t […]

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Women, Wealth and Wisdom

…That is the theme of this month’s issue of WE Magazine for Women. And have we got plenty of each! This issue has been a particularly fun and interesting one to put together.  So many exceptional women, so much wisdom and excellent advice on building wealth.  Beginning with our cover […]