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Green Planning and Spring Cleaning

Not just your space but that all around you by Bea Kunz   Green, green, green. I have green on the brain…and so should you. Think about this. If just a third of the population would pool together on any give day and do the same thing. Then think about […]

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Healing Your Life

By Dr. Sally Witt, The Center for Healing & Training, Inc. Do you feel a compulsion to act in a certain way?  Do you abuse food, cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol?  Do you feel depressed, down, low on energy?  Do you have a constant struggle with your health? Most people would […]

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Fat Loss Tips From Around the World

Are you a diet pro? Tried grapefruits, cabbages, and lemonade? Think you’ve tried every diet under the sun? We took a trip around the world to bring you the best diets tips from other cultures – and a few you might want to add to your weight-loss resume. China In […]

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The Year Of Change-Will You Be A Leader …

   ….A Follower, or Watching From the Sidelines by Bea Kunz From loving your veggie campaign’s for children- to rooftop gardening on ancient buildings in big cities-there is a project/an interest for each and everyone the least be motivated to make our space and the world as a whole a […]

New Year’s Relationship Resolutions that Work
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New Year’s Relationship Resolutions that Work

The New Year has arrived, and many of us are feeling that twinge that says now is the time to make changes in our love-life.  Here are the New Year’s Relationship Resolutions for today’s professional women that my research discovered as the best ways to be smart about romance.  Make […]

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Green Is As Green Is Produced

by Bea Kunz Greening is a popular state of thinking all around the world. Sadly some people/places are cutting corners and breaking rules in order to appear “green.”   I’ve read where more people and companies are paying attention to the difference in prices between products made with recycled materials […]