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When You Want to Help after a Natural or Manmade Disaster

By Dr Sally Witt Sensitive people often feel led to DO SOMETHING when they hear of a plane crash, an earthquake (such as the one that recently occured in Haiti), a terrorist attack, the extensive wildfires, or even families devastated by war. Good for you that you are interested in […]

Reach Into Your Heart
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Reach Into Your Heart

By Jill Gurr Many people are suffering through this horrible economic recession. They’re trying to find work or terrified about losing their jobs. Even with money safe in their bank accounts, they worry about spending it and then having to face a catastrophic situation later. People squirrel their funds, carefully […]

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By Joyce Hansen I recently went through an experience with my family where greed was rampant.  It really made me reflect on what was important in life.  I arrived at the conclusion that efforts to acquire material possessions can bring out the “true colours” in people demonstrating their “me first” […]

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The Life Purpose Mommy Myth

WE have another video review to share with you from our series submitted by Michelle Vandepas.  It is called The Life Purpose Mommy Myth. Here’s a synopsis of it’s content: What is your Life Purpose? Being a loving wife mom or dental assistant? Wrong! Listen to what Divine Purpose Queen Michelle Vandepas […]

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Everyday Superheroes

by Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball In this video, Everyday Superheroes Dr. Joyce helps women to recognize the characteristics of everyday superheroes.  She helps women to understand that being a superhero doesn’t mean that they have to be superwomen.  The mirror on their walls should say that they are the most important […]

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The Indie Business Revolution

The Indie Business Movie shares the compelling stories of four dynamic, independent woman business owners.   While most media outlets feature business owners after they achieve certain milestones, especially financial ones, there is a “reality” gap for many entrepreneurs, especially women. Women typically do not have access to as much […]