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Meet the Ageless Small Business Owner Jackie Silver
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Meet the Ageless Small Business Owner Jackie Silver

Interview with Jackie Silver, Founder and President, AgingBackwards, LLC Tell us about your business. Everyone wants to stay young – now you’ve got some help. I’m Jackie Silver and I’m Aging Backwards. I’m 50 and I still get asked for I.D. to buy wine! I have tons of secrets, tips […]

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Stepping off the Hamster Wheel

By Adele Alfano I love animals! If I had a choice, I would have a house full of little furry critters wandering around. But due to a hectic speaking schedule and traveling, it would not be fair. As well, our family cat Rusty, whom we loved for 19 year’s died […]

Strong is Beautiful
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Strong is Beautiful

By Debra B. Luftman, M.D., and Eva C. Ritvo, M.D., Some of the most beautiful women we’ve ever seen are women who have survived trauma, such as breast cancer or childhood abuse. When we see them in our offices or our lives, we’re always intrigued by their beauty and strength. […]

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Mindful Eating Roadblocks (Part 1)

An Eating Disorders Therapist shares tips from her latest book on practicing Mindful Eating.  Mindful Eating Roadblocks (Part 1) by Esther Kane, MSW   I don’t know about you, but I can pretty-much guarantee I’ll be in a good mood over the next five months.  Why?  Because there’s more light!  […]

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The Great Cholesterol Lie

Many people believe that their aches and pains are just a part of aging.  However, what may be causing the problem is inflammation.  For many, the thought that inflammation in their body is creating a problem is the last line of thinking. They will endure treatment after treatment without relief […]

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Healing Your Life

By Dr. Sally Witt, The Center for Healing & Training, Inc. Do you feel a compulsion to act in a certain way?  Do you abuse food, cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol?  Do you feel depressed, down, low on energy?  Do you have a constant struggle with your health? Most people would […]