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Baby, It’s Too Cold  Outside
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Baby, It’s Too Cold Outside

Five Ways to Get Fired up About Fitness this Winter By Dr.Lavinia Rodriguez With the temperatures plummeting this time of year, it seems the opportunities to exercise are just as bleak as the weather forecast. Days full of rushing to holiday parties, shopping for friends and family, and nights curled up […]

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Gifts to Help Santa and Mrs. Claus Get Fit

If their pictures are to be believed, Santa and Mrs. Claus need to drop a few pounds to bring down their cholesterol and reduce their risk of diabetes. Carole Carson—dubbed “An Apostle for Fitness” by the Wall Street Journal and author of From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a […]

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By Esther Kane In this article, I wanted to share with you one of my greatest passions and recommendations for all of my clients to help them de-stress, find balance, and get in shape- yoga. I have been practising this ancient form of fitness, meditation, and relaxation for over half […]

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My Secrets to a High Energy Diet Naturally

By Gabi Rose, MS   Losing weight and feeling great is no easy task.  I successfully lost 130 pounds and can empathize with the pressure, stress and emotions related to weight loss.  My most important achievement has been keeping the weight off and maintaining my shape for nearly two years […]

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Cut the Cord on Yo-Yo Dieting

By Gabi Rose, MS If you’ve ever lost 50 pounds just to gain back 60, you know how frustrating it can be to put in all that effort and end up right back where you were before you started….or worse. The Center for Medical Weight Loss at University Drive is […]

Let’s Get Physical
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Let’s Get Physical

Six Steps to Slim Down This Summer (Sweating Optional!) It’s too hot outside, and you don’t want to exercise. Well, that’s no longer an excuse! Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez says finding ways to exercise in the summer is easier than you think. Summer provides an excellent opportunity to get creative with […]