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Thank You to WE Advertisers & Sponsors

I just wanted to take the time to say thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past year with advertising, sponsorships and affiliate opportunities.   Here is a list of all our advertisers and sponsors.  Please take time to visit their sites and if inclined to purchase their products […]

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Did you know that we are now accepting classified advertising in WE magazine for women?   That’s right!  We are now accepting plain text ads for our new Classified section in our very popular digital magazine that goes to more than 35,000 women (and men) worldwide.  For as little as $5 […]

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Getting Classified – 100 + Places to Promote Your Business

Getting Classified ~ Hundreds of places to Advertise your Products and Services Did you know you can reach a highly targeted audience with classified advertising? These publishers have already developed a relationship between themselves and their readers. You can advertise in College newspapers, employment guides, local, regional and national magazines, […]