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Selecting the Appropriate Voice

Selecting the Appropriate Voice by PamelaKay D. Griffin Have you ever gotten to the office expecting to find a report on your desk only to discover that the person responsible for generating the data was at the dentist and wouldn’t return until an hour after your deadline for presenting or […]

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Job Fairs Aren’t for Sissies

Ten Tips to Improve Your Chances for an Interview   There is more competition in the job market than there was a few years ago, so it pays to get out there. Attending a job fair beats sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. If nothing, it’s a […]

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Work Less Hours and Increase Your Earnings

In an ideal world, we would dedicate eight hours of our day to work, another eight to enjoy recreational activities and the last eight hours to sleep. The true question is, how many of you live in the ideal world? Instead, in the real world, most people work twelve to […]