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How To Sell Products/Services Successfully

How To Sell Products/Services Successfully by Marcella Glenn  “I know how to do that.”  You commented.  The goal is to sell irresistible products and services, and profit.  Allow a trial period for your wares.  Customers pay a percentage of the total cost, to get a product or service home.  Give […]

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Getting Classified – 100 + Places to Promote Your Business

Getting Classified ~ Hundreds of places to Advertise your Products and Services Did you know you can reach a highly targeted audience with classified advertising? These publishers have already developed a relationship between themselves and their readers. You can advertise in College newspapers, employment guides, local, regional and national magazines, […]

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Women’s Green Commerce Survey Results By Mary Clare Hunt of In Women We Trust   According to the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), a research firm, Conscious Consumers will take the $209 billion LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) products market past the $400 billion mark by 2010.   Last month […]

Ethical Business or just the `Green Wash’?
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Ethical Business or just the `Green Wash’?

     Ethical Business or just the `Green Wash’? by Suzy Miller   Coming off the sea at the end of Brighton Pier, and blasting its way through the air conditioning system of the Horatio Bar, a gale was blowing down the back of my neck.  Despite this, sitting wrapped […]

Time Management Training
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Time Management Training

Time Management Training: Organize Your Time With The Building Blocks of Productivity By Denise Landers  What lessons you can learn from small children!  One day I was watching two youngsters, ages 3 and 5, playing with “bricks” constructed out of heavy cardboard.  The brick blocks came in three sizes:  a […]