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Nine Ways to Spruce Up Your Workspace
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Nine Ways to Spruce Up Your Workspace

Kate Lorenz, CareerBuilder Editor Think it’s entertaining to watch MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” turn a beater car into a showpiece? Imagine seeing a 10 x 10-foot cubicle transformed into a vehicle for productivity and advancement! Better yet, try it out for yourself. Here are nine easy and affordable ways to […]

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How Media Interviews can Establish You as an Expert

… and Leader in Your Field by Heidi Richards Mooney Getting on Radio can be a big boost for your business, your website and your credibility. But it takes some planning on your part. If you have written a book, or done something the media would be interested in such […]

How to Successfully Network in a Male Dominated Environment
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How to Successfully Network in a Male Dominated Environment

By Marny Lifshen Finding the time, energy and confidence to network can be tough for anyone – even successful business women.  But women who work in male-dominated environments can find networking even more challenging. It can be an intimidating and isolating situation, and is more common than many might think […]

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Here are 10 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Online Video

By Diana D’Itri Lacking any information to the contrary, many businesses still think that all they need to do to get new clients is to put their name and face in the Yellow Pages or online social directories, get some professional looking business cards, a website and Voila! It’s the […]

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Becoming an Entrepreneur – 10 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Transition From Executive to Entrepreneur

By Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest As the recession continues to loom and as unemployment rises, we have seen an increased interest in executives wanting to start their own businesses. They want to transition from executive to entrepreneur. You may be interested in becoming an entrepreneur because you lost your […]

How to Market During the Holidays – without stress!
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How to Market During the Holidays – without stress!

By Nika Stewart ‘Tis the season – to be jolly, joyful, and full of stress. Every job must be completed before the holidays, and it’s your responsibility to see that everything goes perfectly. ‘Tis the time of year when most creative professionals are overloaded with work. How can you enjoy […]