Menstruation is the most challenging time of the month for a woman. Although women experience a period differently, there are some problems common to all. Menstrual cramps, pain, lethargy, and anxiety often go hand in hand with the loss of blood and tissue during the monthly process. You may consider turning to pharmaceuticals for help, but it may not be the best decision eventually. It makes sense to look for natural relief, and cannabis can be an excellent option for women struggling with painful periods. Here are some ways in which this amazing herb can help.

Relief from cramping 

Menstrual cramps can make life difficult, and some women suffer a lot more than others. Being revered for its pain relief properties, cannabis can come to your rescue naturally. So you can ditch the painkiller  and opt for the herb. Since it is completely safe and natural, you can use it month after month without any qualms. Thankfully, it comes in different forms, and you can pick the one that works for you. You can vape the herb, have a sublingual tincture, slather on a topical or ingest an edible to get quick and effective relief from the cramps and pain. While they will ease the pain, but you need to understand that the tolerance levels get much higher during the cycle for most women.

Elevates your mood

Your period is most likely to give you mood swings for very obvious reasons. Apart from mood swings, some women even end up struggling with anxiety issues during their period. While the pain and discomfort are enough to make you lethargic, there are hormonal changes to deal with as well. Cannabis can come to your rescue and elevate your dull mood during this difficult phase. For instant relief, you need a delivery method that works fast and is safe enough. Dabbing is a good choice, so you can order dab rigs online  and start using them from the next period. Also, the choice of the right strain can make a difference when you use it to elevate your mood. The ones that are high in THC would be ideal.

May reduce the length of the cycle

Surprisingly, cannabis may also help in reducing the length of the menstrual cycle, though the research in this context is still in its preliminary stages. Studies indicate that THC affects the luteinizing hormone , which could be the reason why cannabis can cut down the length of the cycle. Further, THC is antinociceptive in nature, which makes it capable of blocking the nerves from sensing pain. So you can expect to have a shorter and less painful period if you include cannabis in your menstrual wellness regimen. THC may even reduce fertility during ovulation, which gives it a potential for serving as a natural birth control method though more research is needed to validate the claim.

Cannabis can be of great help when it comes to dealing with your period. It can offer the physical and emotional support you need through these tough days but is minus the side effects of conventional medicines. 


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