McBride Sisters partner with Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines to celebrate the bonds that form over a bottle of wine.

"California Wines Inspired by a Story of Discovery and Sisterhood"What began as a connection between two sisters with a curiosity for wine, grew into a true passion and today, the McBride Sisters launched Truvée® Wines. The latest wine release from Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines (DC&E), Truvée tells the compelling story of Robin and Andréa McBride and their self-made success, through two Central Coast grown varietals, a lightly oaked Chardonnay and a Rhone Style Red Blend.

Fittingly derived for the French verb “to find,” Truvée is a reflection of one shared vision that grew out of two individual stories, and honorably exemplifies to “find what matters most.” Sharing the same father, but raised by different mothers, Truvée creators Robin and Andréa McBride both grew up in emerging wine regions—each independently fostering her own appreciation for the craft of winemaking. Growing up continents apart, the McBride Sisters were unaware of the others existence for nearly half of their lives. Their father’s final wish was to connect his two daughters, and with the help of a relative, the sisters were united for the first time in 1999 at the ages of 16 and 25. After connecting, the McBride Sisters formed a deep and lasting friendship, and also discovered their mutual interest in the wine business.

Both born in Los Angeles, Robin was raised in Monterey, California around coastal tide pools, forests and vineyards, while Andréa was raised in her mother’s native country of New Zealand, where she learned firsthand the art of grape farming from her uncle in Marlborough. Marrying their 10-plus years of experience in the wine industry as négociants, and creators of Wines from New Zealand, the McBride Sisters have crafted an authentic, but affordable luxury wine, Truvée.

“Truvée embodies the spirit of our story, while naturally reflecting our signature winemaking style.  We’ve created a high-quality wine that is approachable and sophisticated,” said Robin McBride. “Truvée stylistically combines old world and new world winemaking philosophies to bring affordable luxury to contemporary wine drinkers, and creates the foundation for our wine company.”

Only the best grapes were sourced from Central Coast California vineyards within the Chalone, Monterey, Edna Valley, San Benito and Paso Robles American Viticultural Areas (AVA). Velvety and full-bodied, the Truvée Red Blend is rich with dominant notes of blueberry, blackberry, caramel, cocoa and red cherry, creating a smooth and decadent flavor. While the Truvée Chardonnay exhibits a complex and lavish taste with hints of citrus, pear, honeysuckle, green apple and pineapple integrated into a clean, crisp finish.

“We believe our story of empowerment will resonate with women worldwide as they discover the delicious flavors of the Central Coast grapes in their glass of wine. Truvée appeals to the wine lover intrigued by undiscovered and high quality wine,” stated Andréa McBride. “We’re excited to share our story and amazing wines with wine lovers across the country. And we hope you’ll share a bottle with those who matter to you most.”

“The McBride sisters’ story of friendship, sisterhood and passionate commitment to winemaking is one that we feel all wine lovers and wine drinkers will relate to,” said Stephen Rust, President of Diageo Chateau & Estates wines. “Bringing their story to life through the creation of Truvée wines has been an exciting challenge in that we’re presented with the rare opportunity to marry a strong emotional story with truly exceptional liquids.”

Truvée is available nationwide for consumers of legal drinking age with a recommended retail price of $15.99 for a 750 mL bottle. The launch will be supported by a full range of public relations (PR), point of sale (POS), and on-premise activations.

When enjoying Truvée, please remember to drink responsibly.

About Truvée

The McBride Sisters selected their grapes from the highest quality producing vineyard regions within the Central Coast of California: Chalone, San Benito, Monterey, Edna Valley and Paso Robles with the vision to create Truvée. Stylistically a mix of old world and new world winemaking philosophies, Truvée brings affordable luxury to contemporary wine drinkers everywhere. Brand new to market, Truvée launched in January 2015 with a lightly oaked Chardonnay and a Grenache & Syrah based Red Blend. For more information, log on to .