by Marcella Glenn
There is risk in purchasing any business.  It requires large amounts of capital, up-front.  A failed business, that you feel would be profitable under your management, entails many resources. 
“Expect to call and investigate plenty of businesses to find one that makes sense for you,” Gregory Caruso said. Karen L. Klein, Los Angeles times, reports, Caruso is a principal at mergers and acquisitions, Harvest Associates.
When you have decided on the kind of business, or the area you want to concentrate on, call local businesses. The process takes from nine months to two years.
Personally, I feel, a life changing, decision should take time from start to completion. Always double-check references. It’s best to make sure, parties, people, unknown to you, have the good intentions expected. Doubt can’t be a shadow in the back of your mind, when in the last stage of closing the deal.
If there is any hint of apprehension, stop, and re-think. Look in the classifieds of major newspapers for legitimate business listings.
The web sites to browse through are: , and . The purchase of any business is a major
undertaking. Make sure you are emotionally, financially, ready, and have the resources to proceed.