Meet Laura Fenamore, CEO of in Kentfield CA

Laura Fenamore, CPCC is the CEO of, as well as a gifted Body Image Mastery Mentor and a celebrated lecturer and teacher to thousands of men and women worldwide. She is also the author of several online books and tutorials mentoring others to leave the weight loss battle and enter a new life of health and self-love.  Through her company, she shares the timely message that the treadmill of fad diets and self hatred must end. earns its revenue through the sales of Laura Fenamore’s 12 week program, “Loving What You See in the Mirror (Crucial Components to Permanent Weight Loss),” as well as other online product sales (such as her DVDs and ebooks), one-on-one mentoring of members of the OnePinky Community, and speaking engagements around the world.
Laura Fenamore has been in business for over a decade as the CEO of Body Image Mastery, Inc., and only in the last year, transitioned that company into offers a global community that extends support and friendship for adult women (8 and older) who wish to change the way they feel about themselves and their bodies.
Laura inspires other women with her own journey of rebuilding body esteem after severe obesity and multiple eating disorders (she lost 100 pounds twenty-one years ago and has kept it off ever since). This journey has led her to help women of all ages, lifestyles and body types to live more joyous and balanced lives. After over a decade of private coaching, public speaking and teleseminars, through the launch of, Laura Fenamore believes that a full-scale, worldwide Body Image Revolution has begun. 

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