By Christina Hart

"Business Attire doesn’t have to be Boring"Modern business women don’t just dress in boring pant suits anymore. Do you ever wonder what to wear to the office? Read more to see some cute alternatives!

Who says you can only wear a skirt or slacks? Try a sleek pair of shorts with a sophisticated top. Add a few accessories, and you’ll walk into that office like you own it. Who knows, maybe one day you will!

No one ever said you had to wear all black, unless of course it’s mandatory at your job. A pop of color goes a long way. Brighten up your wardrobe and your day.

Get a statement blazer to add to your wardrobe. These can include fun prints, bright colors, or interesting patterns. It will take an otherwise mundane look to the next level.

Remember that old pant suit? Well there are modern versions available, and in all different colors. Make sure you find one that flatters your figure and looks sophisticated."Business Attire doesn’t have to be Boring"

A peplum skirt or top will is flattering and business casual. Choose a top, skirt, or dress in this style and you’ll be feeling confident from 9-5.

Do you have a retro or vintage style? Take it to work with you. Choose prints that speak to you. You don’t need to take yourself out of the equation. You can still be you while looking professional!

Don’t forget about that LBD! With countless options to choose from, find the one that fits your personality and makes you feel good.

Don’t be scared of interview or business attire! Have fun with your wardrobe. Put yourself into every outfit you wear. Have a little fun with your "Business Attire doesn’t have to be Boring"business casual dress code. After all, when you look good, you feel good!