"dollar sign of responsible spending"By Samantha Peters

As a woman, it can sometimes be difficult to build credit over the long-term. While building credit may take some time, you can successfully build a credit profile by taking the right approach. Here are a a few tips to keep in mind when you want to build credit responsibly:

Get a Credit Card

Many people know of the dangers of credit cards and because of this, try to avoid them like the plague. If you want to build credit, getting a credit card is one of the best ways to do it. You can find credit card offers that can help you secure a card which will give you purchasing power. If possible, look for a low interest rate credit card so that you will be charged less when you accumulate a balance.

Use Your Card Sparingly

Once you get a credit card, try to use it as sparingly as possible – such as for the occasional gas tank fill up or dinner night out. After you get a credit card, it is not time to go on a spending spree. If you want to use your card to build a good credit score, you should only make purchases that you can afford to pay off when you get the bill. If you regularly leave balances on your credit card account, it can hurt your credit.

Get Installment Loans

In addition to getting credit cards, you should try to take out some installment loans. An installment loan is a loan in which you borrow a certain amount of money and then begin making payments to pay it back. An example of an installment loan is an auto loan or a mortgage. When you have a good mix of different types of credit, this reflects positively on you in the eyes of the credit bureaus.

Always Make Payments on Time

One of the most important things you can do when you need to build a good credit score is to always make your payments on time. Many people make their payments late or completely skip payments. When it comes to making payments, you should always make them before the due date or on the due date. This single factor makes a dramatic difference in your credit score overall.

If you don’t make the payments on time, it can hurt your credit score significantly. Try to set up automatic payments with your creditors or with the help of your bank, so that you can avoid late payments.

If you wish to ever be financially independent, then you need to properly manage your credit. Women often don’t take their credit into consideration because they have been socially trained to allow their spouse to handle their affairs for them. However, it is just as important for a women to manage her credit, and following a few of the aforementioned tips can help them easily maintain and build their credit.

This is a Guest Post written by Samantha Peters, who enjoys blogging about topics relating to building credit responsibly and financial planning for the future. Sam regularly contributes to Paid Twice personal finance blog. Sam lives in sunny San Diego, California where she lives with her dog Leona.