"Borrowed Time 75 Years and Counting by Carolyn Leeper"Borrowed Time – 75 Years and Counting by Carolyn Leeper is a book worth reading. I received Borrowed Time on Wednesday and sat it on the kitchen counter.  Every time I walked by that day and the next morning I stared at it. And finally during lunch on Thursday I picked it up and started reading the back cover.  And then perused the table of contents. Each chapter is short so I thought, I’d just read a chapter or two while eating my salad and then go back to work. Well, I could not put it down! In fact, I read the book in a little more than an hour (confession: I am a speed reader – so it may take the average reader a little longer).

I read about 2 books a week and Borrowed Time was not only a quick read, it was entertaining and kept my interest! We need more books like this. I loved that it was not a typical “linear” book, but was one that told about pockets of a life as oppposed to as they happened. It was refreshing.

Here is an excerpt submitted by the author:

Fitting In

You just want to fit in. When you’re a little girl of six or seven or eight or nine, that means jacks, jump rope, hopscotch. If you’re not very good at it, that’s ok, but you do have to play. At school and in your neighborhood, games set the standard for belonging. Redlight-Greenlight, Hide-and-Seek, Red Rover-Red Rover, Follow the Leader, Crack the Whip. You join in, whatever the game.

At little later, in high school, you join clubs, go to the sock-hops and football games. Wear the right saddle oxfords and sweater sets. Go the movies with the gang every week.

Get good grades and worry about college.

Later still, you marry and have children and worry about them. Go to church. Join the PTA and the Women’s Club. Play bridge or canasta. You just want to belong, to fit in.

You have friends, or at least a lot of acquaintances. You show up at the Garden Club meetings and you’re greeted, welcomed. You help with pot lucks and community projects and donate to the local charity or theater or museum. Go to the fundraiser dinners. Oh, yes.

Much later, but sooner than you could ever have imagined, you’re joining AARP and the Senior Center and thinking about retirement homes.

Much, much later, when at last St. Peter checks you in at the pearly gate he’ll give you a great big smile and say, “Welcome, my friend, don’t worry, you’re going to fit right in!”

To learn more about Borrowed Time and the author visit: Xlibris.com