Extensions for hair have come a long way. There are various types of extensions available. One of them is the clip in extensions . If you have bought one but are facing difficulty making them last long, there is no need to worry. It takes a little bit of knowledge and effort to make the hair extensions last longer.

According to reports, the leading exporters of human hair extensions are China, Italy, Indonesia, and Germany. Here are some tips that will help you do just that.

Wash the Extensions

It would help if you always got your hair extensions washed before using them. Most stylists believe that the cleaning process removes dirt, oil, grease, and other substances from the scalp, interfering with the bond between the weft and natural hair.

Once you keep your new weaves in for a couple of days without washing, they might not stay put in your head as good as they did in salons when getting fitted.

If you like what you see in-store or online, don’t be afraid to try them on. It’s always better to look good than to feel bad about what you have at home.

Once you have washed your extensions, allow them to dry completely before using them. It will help the extensions retain their natural look and feel.

You must remember that synthetic hair can absorb large amounts of moisture, so do not wash it too frequently. Instead, opt for bunches of wet wipes to wipe them down every day with water when necessary.

Try Safe Styling Tools

Styling options are abundant when it comes to having natural hair or not. If you plan to straighten or curl your extensions, make sure that you use only high-quality styling tools like professional flat irons and curling wands while working with them around your face.

You must not attempt to style an extension under the neckline if it is longer than three inches in length. Otherwise, there is a risk of causing severe damage to your hair.

Use a Good Heat-Protection Serum

Ensure that the heat-protection serum you use is free of alcohol and other chemicals that can dry out the extensions. Doing this will also help in preventing tangling, matting, and breakage while styling them.

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight

You should not expose your clip in extensions to sunlight for too long without using any sunscreen or protective cover on them.

When outdoors, be sure to keep light-colored wefts covered with scarves so they don’t look too obvious. If you plan to wear your hair down more often than usual, consider cutting it shorter so that you do not have to worry about maintenance quite as much later on.

Longer hair always looks better than short hair, but sometimes there is only so much you can do to make it look good. Thin-looking hair is usually an indication of old, damaged hair.

If your extensions are not looking too great after several months, consider cutting them shorter, which will make them appear thicker and healthier.

In the Nutshell

If you find yourself in a difficult situation where the problems with your extensions become too much even after using these tips, it might be time for a quick fix or a change altogether.

Visit a competent hairdresser and seek professional advice on what can be done about your problem. Remember, you paid good money for those weaves, so don’t let the effort go down the drain.


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