Spending a significant amount of time at home has inspired most of us to make a change. But with so many interior trends and inspiration online, it’s almost impossible to decide what change is needed! 

To help you make the right choice, experts at PsychicWorld.com sought to find out what design style would suit you most based on your zodiac sign. To find that out, they surveyed 3,634 people and asked them which design style they like the most. The answers were then categorised by zodiac sign.


Do you agree with your sign’s design? 

Aries – Contemporary 

Most Rams have revealed their favourite design trend is Contemporary. Fiery Aries tend to be impulsive, so they might change things around their house often! The fluidity of this style allows them to combine modern items with other trends, making it their perfect environment. Shades of black, beige and white are fundamental to this style, alongside the use of different materials, offering the house a sleek and fresh look.  

Taurus – Rustic 

Taurus’ are earth signs and they love to be around nature, so it’s no surprise most people under this sign chose the Rustic style. Bulls love being surrounded by raw, unfinished materials (especially wood) which make them feel like they’re in the heart of the forest. Adding plank wood floors and a fireplace will make your place feel more Rustic. 

Gemini – French Country

Geminis tend to be very romantic. They are in love with love. There is no better style for them than the romantic French Country. A balance between beauty and comfort, this farmhouse-inspired trend will make a house feel like a home! This style can also be described as an elegant Rustic. Patterns and round furniture are some standard elements in creating a French Country style.  

Cancer – Traditional 

Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac signs. They value their home and family more than anything else. This classic style, with elaborate details, will make Cancerians feel warm and cosy! You might need an extra storage room for all the family memories though! Inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries, the colour palette is defined by dark warm tones. The furniture style is quite royal, typically using heavy materials. 

Leo – Mid-Century Modern 

When it comes to Leo’s the majority of respondents chose the nostalgic Mid-Century Modern style. People under this sign do not believe in false modesty. They love opulence but also fuss free environments. This style is a combination of traditional and modern materials, in which functionality is important. You will find non-traditional materials like glass, metal and even plastic used heavily with this style.  

Virgo – Modern 

Virgos love to be organised and hate mess! If their environment is not in line, they will not be happy. The Modern style, with crisp lines and a light colour palette, will make them feel at peace! The roots of this style can be found in German and Scandinavian designs, which represent an easy, fuss-free environment. 

Libra – Minimalist 

Libras love harmony and good vibes! They are not fans of flamboyant style, opting for Minimalist style as their favourite. This theme is described best by a monochromatic palette, clean lines and simplicity. You can use colours as accents, but it would never dominate the room. 

Scorpio – Industrial

Scorpios love to stand out and make a statement. They are passionate, seductive, and not afraid to speak their mind. Most of the respondents under this sign have chosen the Industrial style as their favourite. If you want to achieve this style you will need to invest in metal elements and furniture, be bold with black, and if you can add elements of exposed brickwork into your home that’s a bonus! 

Sagittarius – Coastal 

If there is something Sagittarius’ love, that is to travel! So why not bring that holiday vibe home! Most respondents under this sign have said they would love to have a house decorated in the Coastal style to make them feel like they are close to the beach. If you would like to give your house a coastal vibe, the colour palette should be predominantly white, with light blue, grey and/or green elements. 

Capricorn – Scandinavian 

People under this zodiac sign are known to be organised. The workaholics of all signs, they value order but also comfort. The Scandinavian style offers them a clean aesthetic, with enough light to help them work harder and better! Similar to the Minimalist style it’s characterised by simplicity and functionality. 

Aquarius – Bohemian

Although Aquarius’ do not like labels, they are known for being quirky. They will be at home if it’s decorated in a Bohemian style, which reflects their carefree nature.  This theme is best described as an arty style, with bold colours, patterns and wall art. Plants are also a staple in creating a Bohemian style. This design would be the complete opposite of minimalism! 

Pisces – Transitional 

The Transitional style is a combination between traditional and modern. This is also the style most sought after by people under the Pisces sign. If you want to achieve this style, you can start by keeping neutral with your colour, try to incorporate textural elements (such as wood, glass, fabric and metal), and choose some impactful art!