Bellagio Conservatory Display

By Wendy VanHatten

If you have been in Las Vegas, you’ve probably been to the Bellagio. Their fantastic fountains out front of the casino dance to the music. It’s definitely a show to see.

But there’s more to the Bellagio than the dancing fountains and water show. There’s even more than the huge, glitzy casino. Look for the signs directing you to the Bellagio Conservatory.


This seasonally theme oriented display of flowers, plants, and lighting is worth walking through noisy slot machines and gaming tables. Every season, the entire display gets a new theme with a new name.

Currently it is the summer theme, “Jungle of Dreams.”  This display is all about paying homage to the animal kingdom. All 28 animal sculptures have almost 10,000 plants and flowers either on them or surrounding them. Be sure to take some time and walk around more than once. You will see something different every place you look.

“Reimagining the Conservatory for this new summer display was a dream come true for me,” designer Ed Libby said in a press release. “Working with the talented Bellagio horticulture team, we took a scene that is captivating, visual, and dramatic and brought it to life as only Bellagio can.”

The west bed features a 20-foot-tall lion and its 9-foot-tall cub on top of a giant golden frame. The lion is wearing a gilded crown while flamingos, parrots, and a toucan are located at a nearby waterfall.

On the east bed, there are four giraffes who appear to welcome you when you make your way through a bamboo gazebo.

A pair of zebras is the focus on the south bed. They both have 120,000 individually placed rose petals as each of their coats. Be sure to check out the boa constrictor lounging on a palm tree nearby.

The Amazon landscape is featured on the north bed. Monkeys swing from vines and a jungle boat appears to start its journey. Herons dance in the water as a lazy jaguar watches everything from a treetop branch.

The Bellagio says the display features more than 9,200 plants and took 10,000 working hours to create.

We were there one day when they were unloading crates of flowers, wire frames, and boxes of plants. The next day, the entire Conservatory was transformed into the Jungle of Dreams.

Quite the show. Even in a city of shows.