Meet Michelle Tunno Buelow, President, Bella Tunno in Charlotte, NC

Michelle Tunno Buelow truly makes a difference in our community.

After her brother’s 12 year battle with drugs and alcohol and eventual defeat, Michelle was searching for a way to commemorate his life, prevent other families from going through the losses she had experienced and help addicts reclaim their lives and families.   At the time, she was also a young mother, raising daughter Riley Rose.  In her spare time, she beginning making fashion forward baby accessories for Riley – the look caught on and Michelle realized that building a company of fancy, fresh and fun baby accessories could be the intersection of where her talents and passions collide.  She founded Bella Tunno in July of 2005 in Charlotte, NC, to help do philanthropy work in her late brother’s name.  Since then, the charitable projects and children’s accessories have become equal passions.  Bella Tunno is committed to donating a portion of EVERY sale to drug and alcohol-related education, prevention and rehabilitation efforts.  

Plus, Bella Tunno takes it a step further; in addition to monetary support, they also jump right in and roll up their sleeves to help the community.  In 2007, Bella Tunno led the “Let’s Make a Miracle” campaign at the Charlotte Rescue Mission, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, with the goal of providing a holiday miracle to each and every client (108 clients).  In the spring of 2009, Bella Tunno led the Charlotte community in the first annual “Extreme Mission Makeover” to aid in much needed renovations and improvements at the Charlotte Rescue Mission, including building 5 new rooms & a new bathroom, remodeling the gym, organizing, painting, and various other needed tasks.  This project allows 30-40 clients to participate in the program per year that would have not otherwise has the opportunity.   Also in 2009, Bella Tunno hosted a Family Fun Fest at a local children’s home and they’re just getting started…

Bella Tunno LLC ( ) is a fancy, fresh and fun NECCESSORIES company dedicated to the balance of fashion, function and philanthropic good.  Trend-setting tots flaunt funky and fun baby basics – including diaper bags,  bibs, burpies, binkers, play smocks, and diaper ditties – while parents  feel good about purchasing items that contribute to a larger cause.  

Bella Tunno is sold at over 4,000 retailers nationally and internationally, including Nordstrom and Gap, plus has a strong online presence at their own website, .  The company grew over 120% in 2008 from previous years and the growth continues in both sales and new product lines.  Michelle Tunno Buelow founded the company in July of 2005 to fulfill her philanthropic desire to give back to the community.  She has over 10 years of experience in the marketing, advertising and manufacturing industry, plus is a full-time mother to two young daughters.

Michelle Tunno Buelow is a firm believer that little things make big differences.  She started Bella Tunno 4 years ago to make little “neccessories” in hopes of fulfilling BIG dreams.

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