Laura Hollick Success AlchemyLaura Hollick: From Truck Driver to 6-figure Artpreneur (Excerpt from WE Magazine for Women Fall Success Alchemy)

SA: What was happening during that time of your life when you found yourself driving a truck? How were you feeling about your art? What were the beliefs that kept you there?

I’ve always been an artist but when I graduated from art school I had no idea how to make a living as an artist.

I used to go for hikes and pray to the Universe to show me how I could be an artist and make money. One day I received a channeled message that said “Walk it out.” I didn’t really understand it so I just made a point of walking every day to honor this message.

One day while walking I had the idea that I could get paid to walk. So I applied for a job at Canada Post to become a Letter Carrier. I thought if I could walk and get paid I could figure out how I was going to be an artist. So I wrote a contract between me and the Universe and I said “I will walk 10,000km as my offering to you. In exchange I want to know how I can be myself, create art and make money.”

It felt like I was about to embark on a 10,000km Vision Quest.

My bubble burst when Canada Post called me and said “You got the job, but we don’t need any letter carriers right now we need truck drivers.”

I was heartbroken.

So, I drove the truck for a year and then was able to transfer and become a Letter Carrier. I ended up walking for over five years to complete my 10,000km.

SA: What happened to change this? What was the catalyst?

When I completed my 10,000km Vision Quest walk I moved into my current studio. I’ve been here for over 6 years now. When I moved into this studio I was ready to start my business as a creative spiritual person. I had cleared all the demons that were holding me back before and so I dove into business.


SA: What did you realize had to change in order for you to make a living from your art?

In order to make money as a creative spiritual person I knew I needed to become the master of myself first and then I could master money. When I worked as a truck driver and letter carrier I cleansed, healed and cleared a lot of old programming and limiting beliefs that were holding me back from thriving in all aspects of my life.

Making a living as an artist is about believing in yourself and being a clear channel for your highest potential.

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