by Terry S. Voster

For many traveling to what might be considered the more costly and expensive tourism and travel vacation spots Bed and Breakfast lodgings offer a more economical form and forms of lodging and overnight accommodation than more conventional hotel and motels chains.

The choices of this form of lodgings t may be for any of a number of reasons In the case of a commercial traveler; often away from home, its conveniences and intimacies have just had enough of impersonal large hotel chains.  Bed and Breakfasts often provide for intimate and friendly surroundings not unlike home.  It has often been said that “if you have seen one hotel room you have seen them all” and that “there is no place lonelier than a hotel room”.  Yet a bed and breakfast with individual owners can offer a respite of service.  Even more so if the nomad (so to speak), is a on a regular route, and thus is a frequent guest at the operation.

The choice of a Bed and Breakfast may be for simple reasons of economy.  Usually , though not 100 % , it is more economical to stay at a B & B , than a local hotel or motel.  Then again you may luck out on a special rate or junket courtesy of the travel research of your travel agent.  The owners of the private home operation may be involved as such as a hobby; it may be a means for them of reducing and sharing their overhead and costs of running as well as maintaining their home and personal residence. On top of that their costs of running the operation, as an add-on, are usually a lot less than a commercial venture as a hotel or motel. Costs are less to run a Bed and Breakfast operation than a commercial hotel or motel venture .  Hence accommodation rates are usually less.  On top of that you might also include the saved cost of your breakfasts – well , and no certainly no expensive hotel or motel chain franchising costs , nor expensive online or toll free phone booking services.  At the most the Bed and Breakfast B & B may have a simple website – often home made in appearance.

Often in the case of  these operations the people and their families involved often run these establishments just for the “fun of  it all”  and the interactions and friendships made with various people and personalities across the world and the globe that they would not meet and interact with otherwise.

Several points for the person or family away from home   First of all you may book a bed and breakfast at a busy tourist season, when nothing else routine in lodgings and accommodation are available, Usually you should be pleasantry surprised.  You may not a Pan Am size swimming pool; however the lodgings, the accommodations and the genuine high service levels, with genuine friendship and concern will flow through.

There is not just one single type of Bed and Breakfast type of operation or system. There are many different types of setups that all fall under the same terms and description – whether in terms of costs, accommodations and levels of service so ask before booking.  Simply phone ,fax or email.  It is generally thought that B and B’s are private homes with rooms being rented out.  Usually this is the case.  However the full range of variations in the field may range from regular anticipated overnight rooms, to RVs and even boats and barges.  It is best to ask.Lastly the term “breakfast “is part of the description.  Ask what the breakfast entails.  In a Swiss B & B it may include a full Swiss breakfast with unending cups of Swiss hot chocolate and a meal meant to fill the day of hiking.  In other operations it means a standard airline size “Continental Breakfast “which may satisfy your hunger for a lot less time.

Enjoy your travels.  Enjoy your stay at a B & B “Bed and Breakfast”

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