by Rosalyn Cherry of Be Clutter Free

Rosalyn Cherry has consolidated over 15 years of experience as a professional organizer to create an easy-to-use color-coded step-by-step action plan for letting go of too much. Her method is detailed in be clutter FREE: sorting made simple published this year by White River Press. Rosalyn introduces viewers to highlights of her method to inspire them to take action to let go of too much. Scenes in the video shift between Erica who freely shares her feelings about de-cluttering her home and Rosalyn who shares her insights. Viewers are encouraged to drop unproductive self-talk and stay engaged with the process of letting go. Viewers are also guided to go at their own pace to discover their own workable and satisfying path. In fact, this method was specifically designed to accommodate each individual developing a personal strategy that over time will become second nature.

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