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Be Clutter Free Method

by Rosalyn Cherry of Be Clutter Free

Rosalyn Cherry has consolidated over 15 years of experience as a professional organizer to create an easy-to-use color-coded step-by-step action plan for letting go of too much. Her method is detailed in be clutter FREE: sorting made simple published this year by White River Press. Rosalyn introduces viewers to highlights of her method to inspire them to take action to let go of too much. Scenes in the video shift between Erica who freely shares her feelings about de-cluttering her home and Rosalyn who shares her insights. Viewers are encouraged to drop unproductive self-talk and stay engaged with the process of letting go. Viewers are also guided to go at their own pace to discover their own workable and satisfying path. In fact, this method was specifically designed to accommodate each individual developing a personal strategy that over time will become second nature.

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  1. Congratulations Rosalyn on a wonderful book and to Rosalyn and Erica for a very informative video. I must say that seeing someone actually use the process is very inspirational.

  2. Barbara Upton says:

    Great video Rosalyn! Makes you want to tackle that closet right away (after buying your book of course!)

  3. Tracey Weingartner says:

    What a terrific companion to the be clutter FREE book! The book is great because its easy to follow, but seeing someone doing it in person really brings the method home. As a professional organizer myself, now I can actually SHOW a client how its done, in addition to teaching them how to do it.

  4. Marianne DeCosta says:

    The video was excellent, informative…never was telling you this is was a one time clean-up.. Its a belief from OPRAH, TLC that once you clean up the clutter, you are there! Not so…you said it was a “PROCESS” and we all know, a process takes time, not “at once” done deal. Good for YOU Roz…you make it clear to the watchers, observers and readers you can not do this over night. The process takes time. Good luck…its a great adventure getting your book “out there”..we are behind you.

  5. Toni Hokanson says:

    I am the unproud owner of severalclutter clearing books. This video makes me feel like this book is different. I can’t wait to try out Rosalyn’s system.

  6. Thank you for opening the door to a clutter free life and offering the encouragement and reinforcement and the how to of letting go.
    Congratulations on your book and your video.

  7. Rolan Pizer says:

    I watched your video today and I actually started some cleaning up some clutter in my room. Every time I walked into the room it depressed me because I was reminded of all of the things I have to do. I didn’t get rid of all the clutter today but I made great headway and I am now inspired to do some more tomorrow. It’s a great feeling to have a lighter load. I just couldn’t get to it before because I felt like it was all or nothing. The “bite-size”,one-step-at-a-time concept really worked for me. Thanks Rosalyn. I plan to get your book ASAP.

  8. Julie Wegener says:

    Excellent presentation! Rosalyn takes it a step at a time, encouraging progress with a specific method while respecting the individuality of the person with clutter issues. Impressive and successful approach, in my opinion.

  9. Holly Palance says:

    Bravo Rosalyn! The passion you feel for your de-clutter process comes through loud and clear. Your guidance during my life-changing move was invaluable. I hope the video inspires many to buy your book and begin. It can be done and your wonderful method is easy to follow and works!

  10. Charlene Dye says:

    You are right, attitude is everything, and your positive attitude is infectious. “Be Clutter Free” is a perfect example of this approach to life. I wish you great success.

  11. Leslie Bender says:

    I feel inspired to start right away! I really identified with the frustrated feelings, and can foresee how my life could develop a whole new clean efficiency. I am going to hang in there and re read Rosalyn’s book!

  12. Gloria Mirsky says:

    Congratulations Rosalyn! Very informative video and step by step process. Go beyond self talk first, very important.
    I especially liked Erica’s honest feedback and demonstration of use of your techniques – very inspiring makes me want to do my 15 minutes right now!

  13. Helene Bigley says:

    Rosalyn, not only is this very helpful in learning to be clutterfree, but also helps in some very important skills in living ones life! Thank you.

  14. Susan Scher says:

    I really liked the video. Erica made the problem seem very real and showed how Rosalyn’s method can work. Great job.

  15. Marian Lewis says:

    Rosalyn’s book and video is inspirational as well as practical. I do not have a problem with clutter, or so I thought. I have a neat apartment.Then I pulled out all the unfinished projects in a closet (photo albums, unpainted clay sculptures, my old 45rpm record collection, and much more) and they filled half of my bedroom floor. I am now getting started. And it’s manageable with Rosalyn’s book.

  16. I experience great relief when I realize that someone talented has put much forethought into the question of resolving clutter. I am clear that the wisdom Rosalyn Cherry shares is very powerful when employed i.e. a little each day. Thank you for making and sharing this video.

  17. Linda Anderson Krech says:

    Your video is inspiring and your book is clear as a bell. You present a step by step process that WILL make a difference in our lives if we actually use it. Thanks for all of your efforts to produce these excellent resources. (I’m going to start today with my food pantry!)

  18. Ellie Wellwood says:

    Thanks for this inspiring video, Rosalyn! It’s just what I need. I could relate to the clutter and overwhelm as seen here and I’m off to purchase your book to help me to declutter my world. The time is now and I am starting today with 15 minutes. Your approach resonates with me.

  19. Spencer Cambor says:

    Even though I am only eleven, when my honorary aunt Rosalyn sent my family the “be Clutter Free” book, I was one of the first to use it. The be clutter free method helped me clean my room, which looked like a barf pile of paper, trash, dirty laundry and other stuff into a really clean living space. I have since adapted the be clutter free method into my every day life and it has made a gigantic difference in my life. Aunt Rosalyn really taught me to let go, and I am very thankful she did. The be clutter free method had a very good effect on my life, and I really encourage other kids to try it as well, it really keeps your mom from yelling at you because she thinks you are disorganized.

  20. Maryellen Cambor says:

    Rosalyn, Thank you for writing your book so that millions of people can share in the joy of living a simpler life surrounded by things that truly are important. Yes, attitude is everything. Keeping sessions at 15 minutes in length helps me focus, get things accomplished and feel good rather than overwhelmed. Thank you again Rosalyn!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!

  21. Judy Reichler says:

    I loved seeing you talk about the book in person. It showed me how truly inspired you are. Your message is clear, and the steps really make it all seem manageable. Seeing the true-to-life example helped so much to see that all that clutter that seems overwhelming can be tamed just by taking the baby steps you advocate. Thank for you using your time to demonstrate this so clearly.

  22. Roz: Even though I believe my situation is hopeless, I’m going to read your book and start searching for what I can manage to part with. The backlog of papers-filled boxes in the basement and on the basement stairs placed there whenever there are visitors expected is really depressing, and dangerous as well. Thanks for the glimmer of hope.

  23. Jackie Cook says:

    Thank you Rosalyn for such a great book and inspiration. 15 minutes in my closet and now all my shoes have a happy place to live. I can actually see my closet floor! And, best of all I had no idea that I owned five pair of matching black shoes! Next 15 minute stop – my sock draw. I wonder how many pair of matching black socks I own?

  24. Frederick Jackson says:

    This book is a must have for all Americans, because god knows we accumulate more unnecessary crap then can be imagined. And trying to maintain it is a huge drain. I would recommend this book to any and everyone who has lived on the planet for tens years or more. And some ten year olds and younger could also glean something from what was wonderfully expressed in these clutter free pages.

  25. Monika Kretschmar says:

    Rosalyn, this video is such a great addition to your book. Your book itself is so clear and makes de-cluttering manageable, but to SEE someone else’s filled up space and following their often frustrating clearing process, makes it all so vivid. How about making it a weekly de-cluttering event?!
    PS: I am inspired and am going back to clearing my book shelf right now 🙂

  26. linda Hadley says:

    What a great concept, Starting out with 15 minutes works for me. I think I will clean out my desk drawer now. You never know what you will find! I wonder if the book has a chapter on how to get rid of a boy friend in 15 minutes. I will have to buy the book and find out!

  27. Barbara Azar says:

    I love your book. It has helped me look at my attitude first before declaring all was hopeless. You have made something impossible to achieve into achievable small step. From your video and readiang your book, I not only have begun freeing up space but can free up the clutter of excuses not to complete a task.

  28. What a fantastic concept! With two children we need all the help we can get to de-clutter.

  29. Love this system! As a working mom, it’s the push I needed to finally clear out the clutter once and for all, one step at at time. Thank you Rosalyn!

  30. I have finally found a solution to CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrome.) This is easy and it works. A big THANK YOU to Rosalyn Cherry!

  31. Jeneane Schmidt says:

    Loved the video! I have so much clutter throughout my apartment that I have been avoiding, but Rosalyn’s kind manner and advice made me feel like I can tackle the job. I know as I de-clutter my apartment, my life will move forward in a positive way. Thanks Rosalyn.

  32. After hearing Rosalyn and Erica speak, I realized how being free of clutter could really be life-changing, and I felt inspired. These are great ideas, and the way they’re broken down-along with Rosalyn’s addressing the “attitude aspect” of this issue-is essential. Thank you!

  33. I am now going to get my timer and do 15 minutes. It’s easier to do knowing that I WILL stop after 15 minutes. I can do anything for 15 minutes! Thanks, Rosalyn.

  34. Elaine McCarthy says:

    THERE’S HOPE! I really enjoyed this video and found it very encouraging — I especially liked following Erica step by step… Thank you Rosalyn!

  35. Hi Rosalyn, I watched your video and enjoyed it! Very clear…well done. You use universal methods that are helpful in anything in life. and in becoming clutter free!