Balance in the city: How to not lose yourself in the rhythm of the Megapolis

Pressing deadlines, important projects, the desire to do more and to do things well lead to feelings of burnout, constant fatigue and apathy – all this creates stress every day.  It continues to compound; stress builds upon stress. Coral Club North America expert Dr. Cheryl Reifer, PhD, RD, Director of Scientific Affairs, tells us all about stress and how to combat it.

In moderate amounts, stress may provide some health benefits.  For instance, in response to an emergency or a dangerous situation, the body releases adrenaline.  This sudden burst of hormones may improve task performance and memory, therefore having a positive impact on the body, short term.  This “fight or flight” response prepares your body to fight or flee. 

However, over longer periods of time, continuously releasing adrenaline due to prolonged stress negatively impacts our body. Our productivity decreases, motivation falls, and brain fog develops, which affects concentration—if feels like the brain is not working at its best. Other consequences of prolonged stress include mood swings, difficulties sleeping and even digestive issues. 

Are you finding it more and more difficult to concentrate at work? Is emotional stress interfering with your career?

We’ve put together a sample of useful tips on how you can start taking better care of yourself.

– Take yourself out on a date (to the park, the drive-in, or simply an afternoon on the summer veranda with a cold lemonade)

– Try yoga outside, deep-breathing exercises or tai-chi

– Try new hobbies and activities

– Compliment yourself – positive “self-talk” will lead to positive outcomes

– Hang out with your friends more often 

– Vary your diet – but include nutrient rich foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables

– Take a warm therapeutic bath 

– Hydrate well with high quality water 

– Include vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and probiotics/prebiotics in your daily regimen

– Ensure adequate amounts of restful sleep (for most adults, this is about 7 hours per night)

– Take 1 Safrino capsule every day

Safrino is a new innovative product by Coral Club International. Safrino anti-stress formula with the finest award-winning Iranian saffron extract, Safr’Inside™, is the new way to take care of yourself.

Saffron is a natural and safe stress reliever. It’s the primary reason that the ancient Persians used to cover their beds with saffron blossoms.

The saffron extract in Safrino makes it perfectly safe, and clinical studies confirm its benefits. When used regularly, the product helps reduce stress, improve mood, and promote emotional balance. Safrino improves the quality of sleep and promotes a feeling of calm and serenity. Safrino helps with both periodic as well as chronic stress.  

Safrino is your new way to take care of yourself when you need it the most.  You can order this product on Coral Club Official website


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