A New Strain Of Workspace Aims To Unite Philly

If you have ever been a part of a sports team, joined a club, or even a fitness studio, you know how it feels to be a part of a community that shares similar interests. Even at a young age, it was common to seek out like-minded communities which helped build relationships, gain skills, and surround yourself with support. So it’s of no surprise that coworking spaces for like-minded professionals have risen to popularity, with spaces popping up all over major cities like LA, NY, and DC.

Most spaces are created with the intent to serve a blend of small businesses, freelancers, tech start-ups, and others. However, equally popular are the more tailored communities, like women-only coworking spaces, which have gained a considerable following over the past few years. This slew of new female-focused spaces promise community, inspiration, and fellowship, but most importantly a space that feels safe.

" B Inspired founders Amy Carolla and Liz Harris"A professional space which supports women, shares similar interests in wellness, community, and giving back, were the building blocks to B. Inspired Cowork of Philadelphia. B Inspired founders Amy Carolla and Liz Harris wanted to create a space that would bring women together, where members could experience exceptional wellness opportunities and enhance pathways to fulfillment and joy.

“It emerged easily and authentically out of a desire to bring women together to experience unique opportunities.” – Liz Harris.

Based out of Chestnut Hill, the B Inspired community provides fitness training (for all levels), wellness workshops, meditation, travel adventures, wellness festivals, and much more. Energized by the spirit of a ‘team’ Carolla and Harris wanted to make sure that the group they built contributed to a greater community. Their wish to give back and help others grow contributed to building the ‘for-purpose’ model of the B Inspired community.

“We were inspired by companies with the for-purpose model, like in Tom’s shoes – the famous, buy a pair and give one away.  Even our local favorite, Simplygoodjars, has a for-purpose model, buy a salad and for every returned jar a meal will go to the homeless in Philadelphia.” – Liz Harris

Enriching the lives of the B Inspired members was just the first part of the coworking space’s plan, giving back to the surrounding community was the other part. B Inspired gives back to local museums, the PA Ballet, and educational non-profits for underserved children in Philadelphia. They also give back to organizations that hold strong importance in Harris and Carolla’s hearts, LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) and LBBC (Living Beyond Breast Cancer).  

To find out more about B. Inspired, future B Inspired events, and other ways to get involved please visit their website: https://www.binspiredcowork.com/