with Dr. Kristen Bobik’s Simple Tips"woman drinking water to keep body hydrated"

With the recent drought plaguing the majority of the U.S. this summer, many Americans are simply forgetting to hydrate. With the warmer temperatures, many can become susceptible of the effects of dehydration, and few are aware of how much fluid the body actually needs in order to function properly.

To get the recommended daily water intake, Divide body weight in half; that is equal to the ounces of water needed per day and add a little more if exercise is a daily regimen. ChicagoHealers.com Practitioner Dr. Kristen Bobik offers the following advice to remain hydrated during the summer heat waves:

• H20 to Go: The estimated water intake may seem hard to drink in a day, but it can be easy to do! The best way to manage is to keep track of ounces by using a glass (or metal water bottle) that measures how many ounces it holds. There are also several online tracking programs such as apps for Smartphone’s and online health sites.

• Skip Tea Time: All other beverages (i.e. coffee, soda, tea, energy drinks, carbonated waters, etc.) due to varying levels of caffeine. Of the “other” types of beverages, the better choices would be white and green tea (without any added sweeteners). Any beverage that requires adding a packet of flavor or that is bright colored already (i.e. Gatorade and lemonade mix) does NOT count as water– its pure sugar and harms the body!

• How to calculate Levels of Hydration:

1. Subtract the ounces of “other” beverages drank per day from the amount of water consumed per day.

2. If these numbers don’t add up, cut out the “other” beverages or increase your water intake to allow for the dehydration that’s occurring!

3. If drinking just water is difficult, try making spa water for flavor! Just add in a vegetable, fruit, or herb to regular tap water and chill for an hour. Examples include: cucumber slices, mint leaf, lime, orange slices, strawberry and kiwi slices.

• Fun Fact: Another great tip to stay cool this summer is to choose hydrating foods like watermelon and cucumber! They won’t count towards daily water intake, but they will cool the body internally on a hot summer day.

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