By Rose Marie Colucci

With the change of season, it is optimal to compromise what is trendy and what is stylish. Autumn is the time when new collections are put on the market and of course, the best opportunity to seek new fashion ideas. This doesn’t mean changing your wardrobe to be part of the vogueish scene. A few key pieces to shadow your wardrobe will go a long way. Here are some examples. 

The Black turtle neck dress

"The Black turtle neck dress"A black turtle neck dress is very handy due to its flexibility and versatility. There is so much styling this one dress can bring as it can be styled up or down depending on its use.  

Let’s begin with the dress itself. A long sleeve, black turtle neck comes in many fabric however, the most convenient one combines wool with stretch. Getting in and out of this dress should be easy. Some of these dresses will come with a zipper at the back but most will not. 

Therefore, the first rule is to be able to slip into it and feel comfortable. The second rule with this type of dress is that the sleeves are usually skinny and hugging. That is why the stretch is important. Sleeves that are too tight from the shoulder down to arms’ length get in the way and will impair your movements. Therefore, you should find compromise with this type of sleeve. The third rule is that the dress must fit your size.   A one-piece turtle neck dress is difficult to maneuver if the size is too adjusted as it will not highlight the body in a flattering manner. Often, it will feature unwanted bulges and prominent humps if the size is too small. Opt for the right size that fits well from the shoulders, to the waistline, to the hips.  

Of course you want to show your curves, ladies! For myself, I’d rather wear tighter clothes than looser ones. In this perspective however, reminding yourself that good taste and the right fit makes you look sexier. 

You can wear this dress with any type of jacket, opened or closed. Choose a colorful jacket, such as red or yellow to math this dress and you’ve created a different look. Overcoats are also an autumn favorite, so you may want to pair this dress with a longer overcoat, matching gloves and booties. As for the turtle neck itself, add some spontaneous jewelry for yet another look with matching bracelet-cuffs on either sleeves. 

Photo Source Flickr

Red velvet dress

"Red velvet dress"The second look I’m proposing is a long sleeve, velvety dress. The amazing features on this dress is what makes its own chic. It’s a “passe partout” dress, the French term for anything passes, much like an haute couture dress that is in the ready-to-wear collection.

Similar to the first dress, this stylish dress makes you stand out. The velvet fabric is not as stretchy as the woolen combination, but there are some velvet fabrics that are less stiff and have some percentage of stretch in the fabric. Again, getting in and out of this dress should be simple, the sleeves should be comfortable even if they are skinny, and the right size is what will configure the perfect curves.  

To know if the dress is right for you, measure the hips. If the hips fit and you can sit and stand without feeling tight, then it’s the right fit. Avoid clingy dresses that are too tight, and avoid baggy as well. Seek the balance between figure-hugging garments and those that stage unnecessary bulges.   

This dress also has an element of elegance as the neckline is tailored in leather. Cut as a front detail that hovers the shoulders and neckline, yet leaving a line of cleavage to showcase the collar of the dress, is a taste in craftsmanship that provides a funky swing to this piece. After all, the last thing you want is resemble everyone else. Aim to create your own self-style, learn what looks right for your body type, and certainly, attempt different fashion cuts you would not normally try.  

This dress is great for a dinner occasion, an event or networking gathering. As gorgeous as this dress is, it also travels well.  Simply roll it up and place in your luggage or carryall bag. 

Photo Source -Flickr

Floral overcoat

"Floral Overcoat"Floral can be tricky due that patterns in multitude of color-schemes might be overpowering.  That is why floral patterns must be selected properly. What I’m proposing is a soft integration of a flowery mixture, keeping the tones as a blush-of-colors instead of a rush-of-colors.  

This overcoat is knee length, round collar with regular sleeves. As simplistic as these features appear, they make this garment sleek. It has a belt at the waist that once closed up, will almost snug as a wrap attire. That is precisely the influential trademark that makes this piece a winner. The cleverness is in the tailoring. 


Make sure the shoulders fit well as sometimes, coats in general are facetious to discern as they are worn over other clothing. Therefore, the right feel is important, especially the space necessary to extend your arms without jeopardizing your track. 


The length of the coat is also important and should match the length of your wardrobe. If your wardrobe is above the knee for many of your skirts and dresses, then a knee-length overcoat is ideal as it will hide the clothing hemlines.   

As a classic piece that will last through many seasons for different occasions, this overcoat is a much appreciated autumn go-to. This overcoat is a great example of good tailoring as it not only accentuates the right fit, but also provides the recognition for adequate body sculpting. This is the key that creates chic without overstatement. 

photo source: Flickr

Turtle neck sweater with straight skirt

Autumn is known for sweaters and many turn towards the turtle neck sweater for its relative comfort.  The look I’m proposing is a turtle neck with a slight twist, worn with the ease of a pencil midi skirt. This ensemble is superb; a sophisticated combination that is both stunning and dramatic.

The edginess of this sweater brings about a carry-forward look. Designed as a slightly looser pattern from its usually fitted turtle neck, this cut flows onto the body. The neck is somewhat larger, and the sleeves are sweater-designed to droop freely. However, the kink of the sweater is the cropped waistline. The chest is covered beautifully as the shoulders and neckline are enclosed while the pattern swops at the waist to give it an edgy quality. Moreover, the tailoring of the sweater is crafted to cling down the torso, outlining the waist.    

Matched with a pencil skirt running midi length, is a perfect guise to complete with a cropped top. In order to make this look work, make sure the skirt fits correctly at the waist. The size must cover your waistline without bulging on the sides as the cropped top will expose your midsection. The zipper buff is a good indication if the size is right for you. Make sure the hips are well singed as bulging in this area is common. Perhaps opt for a bigger size just to compare the suitability.    

Add a rope belt for sheer creativity and see what happens. Match with stilettos or ankle strapped shoes to coordinate the look and you’re ready to dash! 

Photo source: Flickr

A skinny jean 

"A Skinny Jean"Pick a jean that is figure-flattering but also suited to your personality. Even though this is a skinny jean, today’s cuts are designed to fit many body types such as apple, pear, and hourglass. Some jeans have a light stretch in the fabric that enhances your curves yet very slimming for most figures. 

I’m proposing a skinny jean due to its emphases on silhouetting the legs. Skinny jeans doesn’t mean it meant for skinny people only. It’s a model type referred to contour the thighs and calves. This cut has a great look for most body types, and adheres well to a variety of different shoe or booty, high or low. 

The details on the jeans is a great example to structure your individuality. You can profile torn patches for a weekend look or opt for less whittling for a rather classic mold. A plain skinny jean without tears or rips is great too however, a skinny jean with some gashing as decoration, is better suited to render a sassier look of “in the moment.” 

Worn with an oversized, salmon sweater, these skinny jeans will tone down your hips.  Try a pair! The skinny is really for the appeal of the leg as the hips remain the same. Great for everyday adventure, you can get another pair for a more glam-up look. As the legs are accentuated into a figure-outline, take a step further and wear these jeans with a closed jacket or overcoat for autumn. High heels take the lead on this one to create a timeless elegance. 

Photo source – Flickr