For authors the traditional way of selling your book is by traveling the bookstore circuit and doing book signings. Now, that is all well and good (and it does bring in sales) however, that is not the only way to sell books.  There are many more ways to sell more book, you just have to get creative and a bit adventurous.

You may be saying, “How do I know these other ways will work?”  When you are out in front of those people who seek the knowledge or information your book possesses they will tell others about your book and most likely purchase your book.

 Libraries – many times libraries will have weekend or night time slots available to local speakers and authors. You will probably need to come up with a 30 to 60 minutes topic discussion regarding your book topic.  By doing this, it allows the audience to hear your expertise first hand on the topic of your book.  (If you are a fiction writer, you can do a discussion about character building or story creation). Now, some libraries do no not offer much in the way of a fee for your speaking, however, most of the time, they will allow you to have a table to sell books or a book signing at the end of your speech.

Schools – you may be thinking that schools wouldn’t be a good place to sell books, however, (especially if you are a children’s book author), schools are looking for special programs for the students.  You can talk to the students about being a writer.  Kids are also some of the best marketers for products.

Sponsorships – Is there a local event that is aligned with the theme or message of your book? Become a sponsor of the event and giveaway some promotional items such as bookmarks and T shirts.  For example if your book is about business, sponsor a career fair. Or if your book is about health, sponsor a fitness walk.

Fundraisers – Create a fundraiser for the charity of your choice and gather other local businesses to join you. You can donate some books to a local shelter, community center or program to raise funds to a local charity.

The traditional way of selling books was to go to book stores around the country and conduct book signings. This way of selling books is still a great way to sell books, however, it is not the only way. By reaching out to other local businesses and entities such as libraries and schools, you can reach more of your target market, thus increase your book sales.

Teresa Morrow is passionate her family, reading, writing and networking with others. She is the owner of Key Business Partners, LLC., an online promotions company for authors, writers and coaches.  Teresa is on the Florida Board of Women’s eCommerce Association International and one of the Editors at Large for WE Magazine for Women.  She lives in Florida with her husband, Eddie and daughter Amanda. You can find out more about Teresa by visiting her website at .