Melissa Ambers, Author of “Coffee Sugar Cream: An Effective Guide to Manage Business Processes”

This is how she became the go-to person in Corporate America.

Why did you want to write a book about managing business processes?

I felt this was something that is important to have in a simple form.  When I was started out there was not much out there to research that was not easy to read.  I have worked with a diverse group of individuals that wanted to learn and become successful in their career.  Coffee Sugar Cream is written in a way that is easy to navigate. Not only that in the early to mid 90’s the internet was not used like it is used today.

How did you come up with the title Coffee Sugar Cream and used it as acronyms?

I thought about this for a while.  Before anyone start to work or while driving into work they are drinking coffee, sometimes add some sugar and cream.  So, blending the two made sense and it’s an easy reference. Once you start to read the book you will see how all the topics are crucial for any career.  The unique thing about Coffee Sugar Cream is that it is not only for managing processes, but it can give you tools to utilize in your career. So, I guess you can say you can get a 2 for 1 with Coffee Sugar Cream.

Who do you think will benefit reading your book?

I think anyone that is ready to climb the stairs to success, not run.  There are not fast lanes to get to your dream. I was able to take some of my own experience and skills to organize 3 words that is familiar to everyone and share effective tools that can be used in any profession, including entrepreneurs.  Business Owners can use these tools to promote their business by using the information in Coffee Sugar Cream to gain the confidence of their clients.

Do you plan on hosting or participating in workshops?

Absolutely!  Coffee Sugar Cream has a wealth of information, but it is nothing like being at a Workshop and being able to ask questions specific to your career.  I believe that Workshops are the best way to not only talk about your book, but to help others to understand how it can be beneficial. So, yes I will be hosting a few workshops and speaking at others.

When did you know that you were going to publish Coffee Sugar Cream?

I knew it was going to be published when it was sent to my Publisher.  I know this may not make sense, but when you are writing, and you are not on a time line or not sure if this idea is going to come together to make sense.  This is one of those times when you just do it. As an Entrepreneur, I have been asked questions and had concerns about processes and staying organized. Noticing the common questions answering them in this book was a no brainer.  I think this book opened up a door I never expected. The opportunities of being an Author is stimulating and creating a lane to expand my network.