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Rejection Really Doesn’t Hurt That Much

Remember when you were a small girl and the doctor gave you a shot…and you screamed your head off?! Now seriously…did it really hurt that much? Of course not. Fast forward these many years later and think about how you feel when a man doesn’t show interest or drops you […]

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Internet Marketing… What Really Works NOW?

PPC vs. SEO vs. Social Media by Trent Partridge   Internet Marketing changes every other quarter and if you are not on top of the game your competition silently leaps frogs ahead of you till you catch up or sometimes you never do. I have seen so many times a […]

Relationships / Women and Dating

Ladies…What You See is What You Get

My friends Heidi and Jack hosted a great party the other night. It’s still a little strange for me to do parties with my husband. After 30 years of single-dom, and now being married for three years, showing up as a couple still feels extraordinary in some way.   So […]

Live Good Life On Zero Cash: Being Barter Rich Ain’t Bad…
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Live Good Life On Zero Cash: Being Barter Rich Ain’t Bad…

Learn How To Take Control of YOUR Barter Power! I’ve been bartering since 1994  and I’ve been amazed by the things I can get by striking up a deal. Since I’ve launched my own Barter Exchange, I’m even more impressed by the services and products you can get on barter. […]

Talk to Me NOT Your Cell The Mobile Phone Communication Gap
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Talk to Me NOT Your Cell The Mobile Phone Communication Gap

Mobile phone communication gap? I know, sounds like an oxymoron, with our mini-computers, phones, video and conference meetings in the palm of our hands, one would think our communication would be at it’s most highest peak. You would think that our society would be ultimate communicators, right? However, I beg […]

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Your Used Eggshells, Tea Bags, and Banana Peels Can Save The World!

Well, maybe not save the world, but make a nice big dent in the cause to improve the environment at least! :0) I am a big fan of recycling and my newest thing I love to do is composting. Nothing gets wasted in my house! LOL Did you know that […]