Since today is National Clean Air Day it is the perfect day to raise awareness of our environment and what we as individuals can do to help save our planet both personally and in business.

Here’s an article By Steve Finkelstein, to get you thinking and doing…. today and every day!

tips to go green during clean air dayIt is obvious today that the world is going green and becoming more eco-friendly. There are obvious environmental benefits and strong marketing and service benefits as well.

There are simple and low cost ways that any business, service or event can go green and effectively market it.

We must make changes to improve our world and the businesses, services and events that help move the world.

Benefits to going green

– Help save natural resources

– Reduce overhead and expenses

– Increase profit

– Improve sales and service

– Associate with ‘green’ as a marketing and promotional tool

What can a business, service or event do to go green? It’s NOT just at home !

– Utilize automatic timers and sensors to reduce lighting and cooling/heating

– Switch to water saving faucets and controllers

– Use Energy star rated equipment

– Implement a recycling program

– Purchase local products that require less freight and energy consumption to deliver

– Utilize CFL light bulbs and low power consumption electrical devices

Make your ‘GREEN’ efforts obvious

– Hold contests or events to recycle, reuse, or donate resources to environmental causes

– Allow customers to use their own bags, containers, etc.

– Utilize recycled paper and other materials

– Use electronic information resources in place of paper-based collateral

How does a business profit from these green actions?

– Promote it! – Post signs and visuals indicating the green commitment and actions

– Sell it! – Offer discounts to those people that participate in the green programs

– Live it! – Sincere participation is critical. Don’t just go through the motions

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